Started by sapper873 on October 23, 2016 in Obstacles

does anyone know if the full and half run together to start as i want to do the full and the wife wants the half

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    Here in Vegas, everyone starts together. There is eventually a fork that divides the two courses.

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    In the event that I ran in Wisconsin the half and the full start together but split off a few miles in. You and she should be able to start together, but she will finish long before you.

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    Why don't you do the half with her on one day then do the full one yourself on the next day :)

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    I guess it starts together and then division for full and half way. Have a look at Kerala tours for boating race.

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    In the event that I ran in Wisconsin the half and the full start together but split off a few miles in. You and she should be able to start together, but she will finish long before you.

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