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Riocassiea6's picture
Tougher Wave: Hold your wood....?

Started by Riocassiea6

Hello! Signed up to do tougher wave, does anybody know how you are meant to complete hold your wood on your own? If you miss this obstacle what is the penalty? Cheers :)

Aug. 22 0
Abraham's picture
going solo

Started by Abraham

Do I have to join a team for the Toronto Half Mudder on August 20, 2017? I can't find a team so Im thinking of doing it on by myself, is that possible?

Aug. 16 0
johnny-b-burrows's picture
Michigan 2014 Legioneers Loop

Started by johnny-b-burrows

Ran Saturday on the 8:20 wave.

Sep. 28 0
klschaefer's picture
half tough mudder safety

Started by klschaefer

Hey All! Thinking about doing the Chicago half in August. Just wondering on the Safety of the overall event?

Apr. 21 0
ScreaminSeahawk's picture
What sites have Fire In The Hole?

Started by ScreaminSeahawk

I know it is coming up on the end of the 2014 season, but I had a bit of disappointment at the VA and NC mudders this year since they were missing the well-advertised Fire In The Hole obstacle.

Oct. 30 0
PepeSilvia151's picture
Favorite new obstacle?

Started by PepeSilvia151

I guess more for people who ran this year, what's your favorite of the new offerings? I really liked how hard Pole Dancer was, but has anybody done that fire slide yet?

May. 23 0
Jennmom3's picture
Anyone looking for FUN Team in TN, full

Started by Jennmom3

Hey all Mudders out there! Anyone looking for a team? We are "Rolling Tide" and would love you to join us. We have about 6-8. No one finishes alone! All abilities and skill levels.

Sep. 06 0
StephenWhiteoak's picture
water depth. Yorkshire

Started by StephenWhiteoak

hi guys it's my first time doing tough mudder with my brothers and one of my brothers isn't the strongest swimmer how deep does the water go roughly?

Mar. 29 0
dbailey's picture

Started by dbailey

How far do you have to swim for the philly full mudder?

Feb. 13 0
craiglabarr's picture
Mystery Obstacle???... and favorite new obstacle?

Started by craiglabarr

The course map is out for Twin Cities 2017 and there is a mystery obstacle. Does anyone who's already done a TM this year know what this is?

Jul. 11 0