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Mudrunner808's picture
Best Obstacles?

Started by Mudrunner808

Planning on running at some point this year, what awesome things can I look forward to? New for this year or otherwise.

May. 21 1
PepeSilvia151's picture
Favorite new obstacle?

Started by PepeSilvia151

I guess more for people who ran this year, what's your favorite of the new offerings? I really liked how hard Pole Dancer was, but has anybody done that fire slide yet?

May. 23 0
FreeBeer2morrow's picture May. 27 1
amc2014's picture
What if you can't finish?

Started by amc2014

What happens if you try an obstacle and can not finish it? Anything? Do you still get to go on to the others?

Jun. 08 3
prettymuddy's picture
Is it okay to skip obstacles I don't want to do? :/

Started by prettymuddy

my bf is trying to convince me to sign up with him but i'm really afraid of heights. can i go around the plank one?

Jun. 08 3
RunnerLC87's picture
Is it hard to see after Walk the Plank?

Started by RunnerLC87

Is it a mixture of mud and water or just water? I don't want to wipe my eyes with muddy hands and not be able to see! Thanks

Jun. 16 1
mudluv's picture
Has anyone done the new 2014 obstacles? How are they?

Started by mudluv

Especially Fire in Your Hole and Pyramid Scheme??

Jun. 22 10
Oc1982's picture
Arctic enema

Started by Oc1982

Do you have to submerge your head fully under in this? Anyway to get around that? Nearly drowned and I will likely pass out while in water if I have to submerge

Jun. 25 2
bryan-ogg-3's picture
Keeping mud/rocks out of my shoes

Started by bryan-ogg-3

My first TM was awesome and I'll be doing more, but it really wrecked my feet! I got a lot of mud, dirt, pebbles in my shoes that rubbed my feet raw and caused blisters.

Jun. 27 4
mrslacher's picture
78% of participants complete the Tough Mudder

Started by mrslacher

Does that mean the rest walk off the course? or is there a minimum number of obstacles you must conquer? Thanks!

Jul. 14 7