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eye protection

Started by dkspooner

My sister-in-law can not see at all without her glasses or contacts. Have other people run with eye protection so as not to lose their eye contacts? if so, what type of protection?

Oct. 27 9
verrazanogrl's picture
Drop height

Started by verrazanogrl

Hey all, Does anyone know what the drop height is from the bar to the water in King of the Swingers and Funky Monkey? I'm not a fan of large drops! Thanks! VZ

Oct. 26 17
valenamador's picture
Should i skip walk the plank

Started by valenamador

Im doing my 1st mudder in a couple of weeks and I've never really swam in anything over 5 feet so I honestly don't know if I can swim.

Oct. 13 11
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how i prepare for arctic enema?

Started by run-fastr

Do cardio or weight training even help for this one? What else can i do?

Oct. 06 40
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Going Solo

Started by amanda-azzopardi1

This year I couldn't recruit anyone to run Whistler's Saturday run so I am running solo. I am totally going with the TM philosophy of no mudder left behind.

Oct. 01 9
laradisco's picture
Contact Lenses and Water?

Started by laradisco

What do most contact wearers do? Wear goggles in the water? Sounds like a super stupid question, but it's my first time doing it and I'm super confused about this!

Sep. 29 7
muddMUD's picture
Should I wear gloves?

Started by muddMUD

I've heard some say gloves make it harder to grip slippery, muddy surfaces. But won't they protect my hands from splinters, etc?

Sep. 11 14
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Anyone looking for FUN Team in TN, full

Started by Jennmom3

Hey all Mudders out there! Anyone looking for a team? We are "Rolling Tide" and would love you to join us. We have about 6-8. No one finishes alone! All abilities and skill levels.

Sep. 06 0
brothamudda50's picture

Started by brothamudda50

I really like this forum, to bad some people just have to ruin it for everybody, TMHQ can't you do something to eliminate all this spam?

Sep. 03 2
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What are the obstacles tubetied and kishwaukee krusade?

Started by Eulogy6301

What are the obstacles tubetied and kishwaukee krusade? I noticed them on the Chicago event. I was just wondering if they are new for 2017 and I can't find any information about them.

Aug. 29 1