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Adelaide TM Obstacle Debrief

Started by Edwinna

Which challenges did you love? Which did you just miss out on?

Aug. 26 4
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Tougher Wave: Hold your wood....?

Started by Riocassiea6

Hello! Signed up to do tougher wave, does anybody know how you are meant to complete hold your wood on your own? If you miss this obstacle what is the penalty? Cheers :)

Aug. 22 0
krate's picture
Old Obstacles?

Started by krate

This may be a stupid question, but with these awesome new obstacles that we're seeing this year, I've noticed that some of the older obstacles are no longer listed on the "Obstacles" page.

Aug. 20 3
Strength4Me's picture

Started by Strength4Me

1. What is the actual penalty if one fails a certain obstacle? 2. Are there water and energy stations throughout the course or are we just expected to bring our own?

Aug. 18 15
Abraham's picture
going solo

Started by Abraham

Do I have to join a team for the Toronto Half Mudder on August 20, 2017? I can't find a team so Im thinking of doing it on by myself, is that possible?

Aug. 16 0
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Different Course Types

Started by creepster

Just signed up for my 2nd Tough Mudder. Last year was the backwoods course type and this year is the Muscle course type. I was wondering if there is any real difference between the two?

Aug. 03 2
Dave Wetherald's picture
Arctic Enema 3.0

Started by Dave Wetherald

At Las Vegas last weekend, they had a revised Arctic Enema on course and it's legit! You now slide through black plastic culvert tubes (like on other obstacles) and get plunging into the ice.

Jul. 26 7
sorin-iordachescu-3's picture
Run Europe's TM solo

Started by sorin-iordachescu-3

Can I run Europe's Toughest Mudder solo ? Cheers.

Jul. 22 2
jlf1978's picture
Walk the plank

Started by jlf1978

I need a little advice or inspiration. I am doing my first Tough Mudder in September in Colorado. Actually this year I went crazy and registered for 4 different obstacle races.

Jul. 22 12
craiglabarr's picture
Mystery Obstacle???... and favorite new obstacle?

Started by craiglabarr

The course map is out for Twin Cities 2017 and there is a mystery obstacle. Does anyone who's already done a TM this year know what this is?

Jul. 11 0