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cjfunk's picture
6 Feet Under

Started by cjfunk

What is it? Why can't I find it anywhere?

Jul. 06 11
Joniljackson's picture

Started by Joniljackson

I wear glasses. Should I do my best without them? Or go ahead and wear them?

Jun. 27 13
gwc24us's picture
Firat timer questions

Started by gwc24us

Ok so I saw this the other day and thought whole hell heres something i can use as a goal for my workouts.

Jun. 21 4
nick-spinner-5's picture
Fire in the hole

Started by nick-spinner-5

This will be my 2nd Tough Mudder, will I be able to do the fire in the hole? It looks badass and I really want to do it.

Jun. 21 4
Pierce Life's picture
electroshock therapy with metal in me???

Started by Pierce Life

This summer I will be running my first TM.

Jun. 06 2
Mariep's picture
New obstacles - Cliff Climb and Gas Tank Climb

Started by Mariep

Hi. I'm doing my first TM in Sydney on Saturday. There are two obstacles, Cliff Climb and Gas Tank Climb, which are not included in the obstacle page in the TM website.

May. 29 1
johnny-b-burrows's picture
Pole Dancer

Started by johnny-b-burrows

Cmon guys stop using your feet to get across pole dancer. Straight locked arms thrust your legs forward and your arms will follow in a jumping manner. Its not as hard as you might think.

May. 11 16
WillRost's picture
What hamster reigns supreme?

Started by WillRost

What hamster has the current record for hamster turns and how points did they achieve?

May. 11 3
MuddyDobbin's picture
King of the Swingers

Started by MuddyDobbin

Did I make a wrong turn London West Full 2017 and bypass King of the Swingers or was it missing from the line up this year. Cheers guys

May. 07 1
klschaefer's picture
half tough mudder safety

Started by klschaefer

Hey All! Thinking about doing the Chicago half in August. Just wondering on the Safety of the overall event?

Apr. 21 0