How Tough Mudder Saved my Life

Started by mudshark18 on September 12, 2014 in Stories

18, struggling with anxiety, I signed up for TM, the competitive daredevil in me intrigued by the Toughest Event on the Planet. I apprehensively stood at the start line. As I came to Berlin Wall that I was short for people gave me a hand (shoulder). I learned the meaning of camaraderie (Mud Mile). I finished & as i wore my orange headband I was soaring. TM awakened a hunger in me & put a sparkle in my eye & for that I am truly grateful. I will be in Michigan in 8 days!

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  • Reply by peterpanpan

    Congrats! Sounds amazing. I've started to train for my first TM.

  • Reply by duhil

    So did I, Tough Mudder make me a great person!

    A little story about me. I was a salesman of office equipment such as Panasonic Fax Machine, Panaboard, and Panasonic PABX in Indonesia.

    I love wrestling, Karate and Boxing. Even though my dream is to become an Running athlete

  • Reply by nrwofford

    I wish there was a "like" button! Amazing!

  • Reply by Anna Sharkstone

    Good for you! I am looking forward to get into the event myself. But first I need to buy cheap essay for my study and then I will be free for the TM!

  • Reply by MLawr09

    Awesome, man! COngrats.
    Anyway it's nice to have a fake id florida sometimes.

  • Reply by Mitchman91

    Wow! Sounds very cool. I'm training for the next TM. And I wrote an essay about my previous TM experience. If you are interested you can check it at Thanks to the creators of this competition!!!

  • Reply by jackram9

    This is a really good story about anxiety... Good luck bro