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Working Medical

Started by boeingfire1

Working Medical was great in Mansfield Ohio.Very busy 30 hour weekend and saving lives.Told how proud TMHQ was of the medical team and that we are family..BS.

Jul. 17 4
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Stem Cell Transplant patient attends World

Started by DawnHoll

I am the mother of a 19 year old son who is a cancer survivor! He went through a stem cell transplant on May 27, 2016, his re-birthday!

Jul. 12 11
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The hero at Everest

Started by sammiosborne

Now Everest isn't brutal... its not Electroshock therapy but there is one mudder of many strange mudders that stuck out through the whole race experience for me.

Jun. 30 2
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What a day of fun

Started by mahoneybill

Tough Mudder Seattle... I started at 11am Saturday and had the best time ever. Talking with Barry at the start, plus the 70-year old guy who was bummed that he didn't do this earlier in life.

Jun. 06 7
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have you combined your team with another mid-course?

Started by shaper42

one of the best memories i have from 2011 is when our group teamed-up with another mid-course. we all crossed the finish line together and then stayed connected to team up again in 2012.

May. 18 2
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On-course vibe?

Started by MudNHoses

Is this the kind of race where I'm going to feel "less than" compared to some of the more fitter people who do these?

Mar. 29 15
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Who here has met a significant other at Tough Mudder?

Started by mudluv

My bro met his fiance at Tri State last year. Was he just lucky or does this happen all the time?

Mar. 15 6
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Thank you Angels of Nashville TM!!!

Started by chenson

[500 character limit TM? Really?]

Mar. 02 1
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Working Medical

Started by boeingfire1

WorkedMedical, Mansfield Ohio.Very busy 30hour weekend saving lives.Told the second day how proud TMHQ was of the medical team and that we are family.BS.

Feb. 07 1
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Want to know what happens when you lose a shoe on course?

Started by MudderF

If you're a real Mudder, you finish the damn course. This happened to me at the PA 2011 event at mile 6 (of a 12.5 mile course).

Dec. 31 5