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Started by mark-bonifacio-773

I just completed the course in November. After I finished a run a couple of weeks ago my 15 month old daughter wanted to play with my headband...and now I can not find it.

Mar. 11 1
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Military Mudders Charity needs your help

Started by MilitaryMudders

We are the Military Mudders Charity we are a group of veterans, family members and community members who for the past 18 months have been growing our charity.

Jul. 01 0
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From Breast Cancer to Tough Mudder

Started by MudCrushers

My husband siged up for Tough Mudder in May 14. I am a breast cancer survivor diagnosed at 27& was feeling weak from surgeries, chemo etc. This gave me motivation.

Oct. 17 0
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Scariest obstacles?

Started by feckless90

I'm scared sh*tless of small spaces (dreading boa and trench warfare...). Would appreciate hearing which obstacles freak you out so I feel like less of a wuss.

Sep. 16 7
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Most inspiring thing you've seen at an event

Started by NoExcuses

For me, it was so crazy seeing the wounded warriors on course. So determined! Super inspiring. What's the most moving thing you guys saw?

Aug. 20 5
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Overheard @ the start line

Started by PepeSilvia151

I know it's hard to hear over the emcee, but has anyone else heard any epic chatter? Or just straight up funny.

Jun. 12 3