How do I add a new team?

Started by brendavalencia on March 2, 2016 in Teams

A couple of my friends and I registered for the Tahoe Tough Mudder as individuals but now we would like to add a new team for all of us to join. How do I do that? I can only see how to add a new team for people yet not registered for the event. How do I add a new team for people already registered?
Thank you.

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  • Reply by andreanutty

    I emailed Tough Mudder asking the same question! No response I'm afraid. I guess if you know everyone already that's it. Just book onto same start time. If anyone knows different please let us know (a TM virgin!). Good look Brenda with your event.

  • Reply by JackC

    Hi Guys,

    It's really easy. The simplest way to do it is for one of you to set up a team as team manager. then just send your team the same instructions on how to join in. very easy. takes about a minute. Scroll to "Team Captains: Managing..." and follow the instructions.


  • Reply by Kaitlyn Leeds

    go log onto your everbite account, scroll over yoyr name in the top right and click on the tickets option, next click on that ticket when it pulls up it should have a " change teams" options and you can take it from there

  • Reply by JohnDanialSmith

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