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Started by Krone

Is anyone near or by Sarasota Florida, that would like to make a team?

Aug. 16 0
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North west wisconsin

Started by Danimohlin

Looking for people to train with on saturdays in eau claire/hudson/twin cities area!! I work better and harder when i am with someone who can challange and push me!

Aug. 15 43
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Supplements and Nutrition

Started by MNBeerSportGeek

Just completed my first Mudder yesterday and can't wait to get back at it. Just curious what sort of nutrition and or supplement tips and preferences everyone has.

Aug. 15 15
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Training Meal Plan

Started by best101

How many buckets of kfc are recommended after each training session to ensure my recovery levels are sufficient.

Aug. 15 11
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Gear for plus size women

Started by WrathofMom

Okay, I'm 47 years old and signed up for my first TM, Philly 2017. I'm having trouble finding stuff that will dry quickly in a womens 2X or XXL. I am also looking for suggestions on gloves.

Aug. 15 30
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Reebok Nano 2.0's or Nike Run Free's?

Started by wellspun

Hi, I'm doing my first TM in October, and wondering which shoes to wear. I'm not prepared to go purchase a new pair, so I have a choice between a pair of Reebok Nano 2.0's or my Nike Run Free's.

Aug. 14 6
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1 month to go training plan

Started by Ken Houghton

Hello all. Question about 1 month training plan. It lists 4 x 800m sprints, strength circuit, functional circuits 1 & 2.

Aug. 14 10
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Contact Google Chrome Support Number 1-800-778-9936 .

Started by dtrump7500

Disregard the time when you used to battle for a considerable length of time to dispose of a trifling mistake in your web browser because of the absence of good technical support units .

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Newbie looking to prepare

Started by MudNHoses

So I had some friends who did one of these and said it was really fun. Aren't these really long and kind of hard? What should I do to get ready?

Aug. 13 11