1st TM in May 2015 - London West

Started by mattsard on November 13, 2014 in Training

So i'm working on my endurance by running further, I did 5 miles on treadmill at gym the other day with not much more effort that running 3.5miles.

I do a forest run through mud etc with hills, its a trim trail so also has exercise stations (dips, press ups, monkey bars, squats and log press etc) its only 3.2k and im doing that about once a week.

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  • Reply by ttlemieux

    If you're preparing this far in advance you'll finish just fine. My suggestion would be to include some hill running into your workout if you can. Many times TM events feature some big ass hill, either natural or man-made and it can prove challenging for those that only run on a treadmill.

  • Reply by Suman Mondal

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