2 tough mudders in one weekend

Started by matthew-ives-52 on August 1, 2014 in Training

hey mudders, I am going to be running my first 2 mudders in 1 weekend. I have run tough mudders in the past but I wanted to see if anyone had any tips for the second day. Or if there were any additional challenges other then being tired. My current plan is to run the first one as normal then crash for the night on site. The next morning spend a lot of time slowly limbering up to work out my muscles. Are there other problems that I should take into consideration?


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  • Reply by steve-gowler-7

    If you follow that program, you should be fine.
    I am 57 and would need a hotel room with a hot shower to even attempt a back to back day. Maybe take an oversized dose of advil with dinner so you don't wake up too stiff and sore

  • Reply by ray-leftwich-3

    Drink a protein shake after you finish on Saturday, and continue to rehydrate throughout the afternoon and evening. Go ahead and enjoy your free Dos XX after you finish on Saturday, but don't drink any other drinks with alcohol or caffeine on Saturday, and no more than one "wake up" cup of coffee on Sunday.

  • Reply by mspgrandi

    ehm .. can you comfortable train two days in a row running for 1.30 hours and doing some squats and press ups? if you can you ll have no problem

    just drink adn eat lots of food at the end of your first mudder

  • Reply by matthew-ives-52

    Hey guys, ran the race, but decided to push it a bit harder the the original plan. Ran two laps on saturday and one on sunday. Ended up crashing in my car for the night. For anyone doing two or three in one weekend, bring extra food, like lots of food. Don't forget the Advil! and make sure to stretch your body out before the second day. Take as much time as you need to go through all of your muscles and limber them up.

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