Funky Monkey obstacle tips

Started by ColinDoherty626 on May 23, 2014 in Training

I get so close to completing Funky Monkey, but always fall at the end. Any exercise recommendations for monkey bar endurance? I really want to complete the whole obstacle in Dallas this fall.

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  • Reply by PDogg81

    Bar hangs, Colin.  Just hang on a pull up bar until you can't anymore.  Then do it again.  Pull ups are good to but hang off that bar to work your grip.

  • Reply by ZaleMills

    Funky Monkey is much easier now that the bars don't spin (Booo!). Keep your elbows bent at about 90deg, bicycle your legs, do not skip any bars, and use your momentum!

  • Reply by shrimptim

    Work on grip strength brother, like as pdogg81 said, bar hangs are great, stressballs help too. I always recomend rock climbing. Also, when going across the bars, keep your arms straight, you can bend them every so often, but limit that time. Use the momentum of your legs to swing you from bar to bar. Bending your arms will only drain your strength.

  • Reply by jjsmith3224

    1)  I would also recommend rock climbing, as people have stated you really need to work on grip strength not just arm strength. Also as far as arms bent or not; the technique I use involves me ascending sideways and then descending forward. Going up sideways allows me to keep my body in control a lot more and my arms stay bent the entire time (allowing me to much easier grab the next bar, which is higher) I then grab the top bar and turn to face the exit.

  • Reply by jjsmith3224

    2) I then descend with arms straight as I can easily reach all the bars on the way down. I know I haven’t seen too many people do it this way so it’s definitely just my preference but the biggest advantage I’ve found is being able to stay in control. There’s nothing worse than slipping off when you still had the strength. Also I would recommend straight and bent arm hangs from a bar. Hope this helps! 

  • Reply by miles-trudell

    My grip strength increased twofold after I starting training with The Captains of Crush Grippers! I highly recommend them, start with the #1 (140 pounds of resistance) after 3 months I was flying through the monkey.

  • Reply by ThomasRedstone

    in reply to ZaleMills, the bars span yesterday at Tough Mudder North West!
    Maybe they're back like that globally, or maybe it'll vary...

  • Reply by JirinPanthosa

    I got a lot better at Funky Monkey when I started bouldering at a local rock climbing gym.

    Pull ups and bar hangs and holding weights with your fingertips help too, but indoor rock climbing is nice in that you get a variety of different grips in a variety of different ways, holding different percentages of your own body weight, with difficulty ratings that scale up with your own skill level, and you push yourself harder just because it's just more fun.

    As for whether to hold your arms at 90 degrees. If you have the strength to get across the bars easily anyway, you can expend less energy holding your arms at 90 degrees. However if your strength is borderline to be able to finish the obstacle, just keep them straight and keep moving.

  • Reply by johnny-b-burrows

    you will notice alot of people use different techniques but keep your arms 90 degrees and bicycle your legs and go as fast as possible. You can go bar to bar with each hand or do like i do i put each hand on each bar meaning i dont go right left right left I touch each bar with both hands, right hand leading left hand follows to the same bar. But do not skip bars. Best advice is keep arms 90 degree and bicycle yourlegs.. I have never feel on Funky Monkey and i always use that technique.

  • Reply by johnny-b-burrows

    plus there are tons of monkey bars at local parks so no excuse not to train :) also if you can find inclined monkey bars...even better.

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