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Started by MudNHoses on May 23, 2014 in Training

So I had some friends who did one of these and said it was really fun. Aren't these really long and kind of hard? What should I do to get ready? It'll be my first time and I'm admittedly not in the best shape...

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    Work on your endurance, core and GRIP STRENGTH!!!! Grip plays a large roll in the "harder" obstacles. They say you should be able to run 3-5 miles consistently before trying a mudder, but I don't neccessarily agree. I've had beginner clients run past events with me and it wasn't a terrible experience for them, although most said they would like to attempt it again after training for trail running. You have long enough "breaks" from running at the obstacles. What event are you planning to run?

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    Sarah has a great point.  Grip strength is key.  Upperbody IE: pullups, lat pulls, biceps,triceps are key.  I'd add in there pushups and burpees to go full circle.  It sounds overwhelming but you have to start somewhere and before you know it you've far surpassed what you thought you could do.  You have a whole community of people here that are rooting for you to succeed so just ask away and you'll get the answers you want.  Just get out there and get it! 

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