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RyanHilton86's picture Jun. 07 0
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Flat Feet + Old Knee Compression Fracture = Painful First TM

Started by Morgan Taylor D...

Prior to my first TM Half, I was training with my ASICS running shoes and heavy-duty insoles.

Sep. 06 0
lucy-weir-33's picture
Pulled calf muscle

Started by lucy-weir-33

Any advice on how to get through a TM with an existing, recurrent injury that's just flared up again (left calf pulled - hasn't popped yet but very close...)

Aug. 16 0
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i got sponsored

Started by jc71corvette2

I got sponsored with livestrong . -. Do i have to pay any

Feb. 26 0
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Training in New York City

Started by mtaylor5

My friend and I will be doing our first TM in November in NJ. Looking to train with other newbies or veterans.

Feb. 23 0
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Training for Funky Monkey

Started by steve61879

Just did my first Mudder last weekend and the only obstacles I had trouble with were Funky Monkey and King of the Swingers. Both times I lost my grip and fell off the bars.

May. 27 0
cbwickedstrong's picture

Started by cbwickedstrong

10 rounds 30 sec sprint w/ 40 lb vest/backpack 20 kb swings 5 kb snatch (each arm)

Jul. 02 0
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UK Tough Mudder - is Coldgear my best bet?

Started by Macca1978

Dlimg my first tough mudder next week in Scotland and investing in a long sleeve compression top, just wondered if Cold Gear is my best bet or am I likely to overheat in this?

Jun. 10 0
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Partners wanted in West LA

Started by serelicious

Hey, I'm new to TM and am signed up for Tahoe race in June. Anyone near West LA would like to train 2-3 days a week? Training suggestions are highly appreciated.

Apr. 18 0
ShellyGCohen's picture
Fitness Goal

Started by ShellyGCohen

I did my first TM last Oct in Vegas and I'm hooked (next one is Philly this May). I want to come up with a new fitness goal, maybe an event to train for but not quite ready for Toughest Mudder.

Feb. 02 0