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What should I eat the morning of the event?

Started by muddMUD

Nails? Kidding (kinda). I'm sure pre-game meals are as diverse as the people that eat them. But fire away with your recommendations.

Jun. 22 4
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Driving to TM Location... What are you listening too?

Started by keving

I expect a wide variety of answers on this one. I've looked up play lists on YouTube about inspirational workout music etc.

Jun. 27 3


How do i need to train? can i build replicate obstacles to train on? Gear? are glasses ok? and also im 5'3 and cant realy swim is that going to be a problem?

Jun. 27 6
First TM how the heck do i prepare?


so i am a 18 yr old female looking to do my first TM next june in va i need some suggestions on how to train how to build some obstacles how to prepare and what to expect

Jun. 29 4
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where is a place around Manly

Started by boardestrike

Hey guys and girls, I'll do the TM first time. So actually I'm quite fit but I would like to train more specifically. So does someone knows where it's possible around Manly?

Jun. 30 0
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Started by cbwickedstrong

Tabatas are a great method to really increase speed and endurance in a very short 4 minute workout. It's. 20 sec work. 10 sec rest.

Jul. 01 0
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Started by cbwickedstrong

10 rounds 30 sec sprint w/ 40 lb vest/backpack 20 kb swings 5 kb snatch (each arm)

Jul. 02 0
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What are some good upper body exercises?

Started by mudd-n-gold

From the looks of the obstacles, I'm going to need to train these muscle groups the most!

Jul. 13 5
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What muscle group is most used during a Tough Mudder?

Started by run-fastr

Some of mine are definitely stronger than others...

Jul. 14 8
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advice for non runner

Started by cherylfdr

I am very interested in trying this event but I sm NOT a runner. I can walk for miles at a pretty fast pace. Just not sure if I will be able to run up to 5 miles by September date.

Jul. 14 7