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guitarmylo's picture
Fitness Trackers

Started by guitarmylo

Hello, Done my 2nd tough mudder and already looking forward to my next one. Does anyone recommend a fitness tracker than can survive tough mudder? Cheers

Sep. 12 9
JohnnyH's picture
Best foot wear for a Tough Mudder??

Started by JohnnyH

Hi all. I've signed up for the west London tough mudder in May 2015, I'm just about to start a bit of trail running but need new trainer for it.

Sep. 12 11
mrmikeywsm's picture
First time mudder next week! What do I wear?

Started by mrmikeywsm

Hi mudders! I run my first tm next week (south west uk) I thought I was all sorted what to wear ( I usually run in tights/shorts and a vest).

Sep. 07 2
Morgan Taylor Dornbier's picture
Flat Feet + Old Knee Compression Fracture = Painful First TM

Started by Morgan Taylor D...

Prior to my first TM Half, I was training with my ASICS running shoes and heavy-duty insoles.

Sep. 06 0
MissMumbl3s's picture
Outdoor Training?

Started by MissMumbl3s

I'd love to avoid the gym if possible, train in the elements and all that. There's a lot of great hills in my town, how can I use that? Also accepting non hill-centric advice. Thnx!

Aug. 29 9
meresembri's picture
Any Mudders with sleep disorders?

Started by meresembri

I'm training to run TM Virginia 2015 and I have narcolepsy with very mild cataplexy.

Aug. 26 1
MochaKnight's picture
Enough time??

Started by MochaKnight

Im looking to do 1/2 mudder in either mid Oct. or early Nov. Is that enough time to start training now? I walk everyday 1-2 miles, but that is it....definitely need to get into shape.....

Aug. 22 1
DanTheBarbarian's picture
Night Shifts

Started by DanTheBarbarian

So, I've just recently ran my first event and quickly pre booked for another two in 2015.

Aug. 18 3
Krone's picture

Started by Krone

Is anyone near or by Sarasota Florida, that would like to make a team?

Aug. 16 0
wellspun's picture
Reebok Nano 2.0's or Nike Run Free's?

Started by wellspun

Hi, I'm doing my first TM in October, and wondering which shoes to wear. I'm not prepared to go purchase a new pair, so I have a choice between a pair of Reebok Nano 2.0's or my Nike Run Free's.

Aug. 14 5