Will Dean

I’m Will Dean, the founder of Tough Mudder. Over the past five years, our mission at TMHQ has been to grow Mudder Nation into a global tribe that lives courage, personal accomplishment, teamwork, and fun. We’ve worked hard to challenge Mudder Nation with the toughest and most innovative obstacles on the planet. But no matter what we throw at them, from New Zealand to New England, from Texas to Toronto, from London to Hamburg, and everywhere in between, Mudders have trained up, quit whining, and come together to earn their Orange Headbands. Whether wounded veterans, those fighting cancer, those overcoming personal loss, or just people finally getting off the couch--the stories I’ve heard and Mudders I’ve met are humbling and inspiring. As for my Mudder resume, I’m a member of Mudder Legion and a proud wearer of the 10x+ orange and black headband. Before Tough Mudder, I served in the UK Overseas Diplomatic Service in Counter-Terrorist Finance Operations and earned degrees at the University of Bristol and the Harvard Business School. I’m a native of Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England, and live in Brooklyn near TMHQ-US with my wife. And like the rest of you, I love mud, ice, fire, electric shocks, and a hard-earned pint. 

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