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Looking for a team for SOCAL October 2014

Started by andrea-kapitanoff

This will be my first Tough Mudder. I am looking for a team to join as well as folks to train with!

Oct. 23 23
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Central Florida FULL 10/28, 11:30a.m.

Started by Mitchell Levine

Strong runner looking for fast, athletic teammates to take on the Central Florida course on 10/28. Friends are doing the Half. Looking for a team or partner.

Oct. 23 0
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Central FL Full on Sun 10/29 - Looking for a team

Started by waterfallmel

Any team willing to take on an extra? Ive run a few Spartans (so much fun!) so looking to conquer my first TM here :)

Oct. 23 1
Julia Shier's picture Oct. 23 10
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Need a team for Sunday (tomorrow!) in Whistler

Started by jaynevanson

Hey! I had a team and now it is just me soooo I'm kinda looking for a team to share the fun with!

Oct. 23 17
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Join us in Nashville Saturday

Started by n2knees

If you're looking for a team for Saturday, you can join us. Team name is Knox'd Up, password knoxville. We have 9 members, some first time, this will be my third along with my girlfriend.

Oct. 23 20
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Looking for Team with start time at 12 for Central Florida full 10/28

Started by marzeckim

I guess i was to late trying to join a team and i now am trying to find one that has the same start time as me. During the full on 10/28 .

Oct. 23 0
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What is an easy way to troubleshoot Belkin router?

Started by michaelthomas

Issues are always confronted by the users of Belkin Router such as no internet connection, slow internet speed, breakage of connection and so on.

Oct. 23 0
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Started by aleipprandt2

If you are from Laughlin and want to join our Dallas/Ft Worth team on Sept 30, message me! (This is my attempt to create a team since I guess it's difficult after you register) :D

Oct. 23 2
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Started by Haider Malik

So I strong armed my friend into joining tough mudder (the same way he strong arms me into drinking lol). So far its just the two of us but I may have one more.

Oct. 23 7