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Started by brothamudda50

I really like this forum, to bad some people just have to ruin it for everybody, TMHQ can't you do something to eliminate all this spam?

Jun. 27 2
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Started by john-jakab-1

If u volunteer sunday can u use your parking pass for sat run?

Jun. 27 3
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Started by kaliabond

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Jun. 24 3
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My volunteer code wont work

Started by nateyboy

Is anyone having a problem getting the volunteer code working or know how to fix it?

Jun. 23 15
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Started by MurielRuth

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Jun. 18 0
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Tough Mudder Team Building App

Started by macywl69

Hello, I'm a design student developing a team training app that helps meet goals and builds camaraderie for Tough Mudder.

Jun. 17 11
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Looking for a car-pool to TM Midlands

Started by tbencik

Hi, I was hoping to volunteer at Tough Mudder Midlands event next Sunday (31st May) on one of the full-day shifts, from 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Jun. 17 5
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No help with missing codes

Started by mark-snee-3

Me and a mate did a full day each last year at Yorkshire but ive lost the paper with are codes on (he gave me his to keep them together and safe )

Jun. 09 0
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Started by Ryan Mitchell

Do you get to pick witch course you want to work at or do you just get placed?

Jun. 08 3
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Started by blake786

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Jun. 08 0