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No help with missing codes

Started by mark-snee-3

Me and a mate did a full day each last year at Yorkshire but ive lost the paper with are codes on (he gave me his to keep them together and safe )

Jun. 09 0
Dave Wetherald's picture
Looking for somewhere to stay at WTM

Started by Dave Wetherald

Hi All! Anyone have a place I can crash Friday night to volunteer at WTM on Saturday/Sunday? I'm volunteering two shifts at WTM and trying to travel on the cheap.

Nov. 06 0
Ajjay Tambie's picture
Funky Monkey Medic

Started by Ajjay Tambie

You were the lifeguard/medic guy stationed at Funky Monkey between 4:30 and 5:30 pm on Sunday May 21 at the Philly run. I wanted to get your name before my team moved on.

May. 24 0
Andrew Ashford's picture
coming from ontario to volunteer for michigan.

Started by Andrew Ashford

I will be driving down to michigan to help out for the june 3rd and 4th are there any other people from ontario going down that I can meet up with for the event.

Apr. 14 0
Tiffany Marlin Tolerico's picture
Trouble signing up

Started by Tiffany Marlin ...

I'm trying to sign up to volunteer/run at the Colorado event in September but the link keeps telling me that the page isn't there. Any ideas on how I can register?

Jul. 13 0
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Car Pool to TM Toronto Aug 19 - 3 Seats Available

Started by Simeon Olsberg

Leaving from Eglinton and Bayview - Heading West to the 400 - Pick up either at Eglinton and Mt Pleasant or Hwy 7 and Hwy 400 (Cineplex Vaughn)

Aug. 16 0
Ryan Mitchell's picture

Started by Ryan Mitchell

Do you get to pick witch course you want to work at or do you just get placed?

Feb. 21 0
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Volunteer and run course

Started by johnathanmoran

How do I enter a team to say run the course on a Saturday and volunteer on the Sunday and also camp Saturday night, does anyone have a way of contacting someone about this.

May. 25 0
Louise Houghton's picture
What to wear?

Started by Louise Houghton

HI everyone, I know this has probably been talked about before, but what should I wear for volunteering....not sure how many layers I should put on....where do I put my valuables, any tips?

Jul. 20 0
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What do they do?

Started by workinprogress

What kinds of things do volunteers do? Do they have to pay to be there and help?

Jan. 09 0