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What do they do?

Started by workinprogress

What kinds of things do volunteers do? Do they have to pay to be there and help?

Jan. 09 0
sbuckridan's picture
Going Solo!

Started by sbuckridan

I'm travelling down from Toronto to attend the Ohio TM. Leaving Friday afternoon, volunteering Saturday, running Sunday and heading back Sunday after the run.

Apr. 21 0
Yvette A Mitchell's picture
need to cancel being a volunteer

Started by Yvette A Mitchell

I'm sorry I wont be able to volunteer due to work. Not sure where to cancel

May. 26 0
Pia Singer's picture
Sydney - Melbourne TM

Started by Pia Singer

Hi, I wondering if there are some keen TM here, who are from Sydney and travel to Melbourne the weekend 19/20th Nov. to volunteer Saturday, race Sunday??

Nov. 02 0
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Minnesota tough mudder June 3rd

Started by quinnwahl825

Looking for a team. I'm in decent shape so I'd want someone who can run a 630 mile or so. Probably a 40 minute 5 mile.

May. 15 0
Aaron Bishop's picture

Started by Aaron Bishop

I am volunteering next Saturday and running the next day. As I have to be there by 6am, do you supply camping for both Friday and Saturday night?

Sep. 15 0
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Volunteer Sat, Run Sunday Start Times?

Started by SepRuiz

Hi everyone! My team is volunteering Saturday and buying our tickets after to run that next Sunday morning. Will we be able to run at the same start time?

Mar. 17 0
Coburn Morgan's picture

Started by Coburn Morgan

Would anyone have a code my wife can use in NY 2017? Thank you!!!

Jul. 26 0
Sarge1347's picture Jan. 26 0
mark-snee-3's picture
No help with missing codes

Started by mark-snee-3

Me and a mate did a full day each last year at Yorkshire but ive lost the paper with are codes on (he gave me his to keep them together and safe )

Jun. 09 0