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Louise Houghton's picture
What to wear?

Started by Louise Houghton

HI everyone, I know this has probably been talked about before, but what should I wear for volunteering....not sure how many layers I should put on....where do I put my valuables, any tips?

Jul. 20 0
brothamudda50's picture

Started by brothamudda50

I really like this forum, to bad some people just have to ruin it for everybody, TMHQ can't you do something to eliminate all this spam?

Jun. 27 2
mark-snee-3's picture
No help with missing codes

Started by mark-snee-3

Me and a mate did a full day each last year at Yorkshire but ive lost the paper with are codes on (he gave me his to keep them together and safe )

Jun. 09 0
Yvette A Mitchell's picture
need to cancel being a volunteer

Started by Yvette A Mitchell

I'm sorry I wont be able to volunteer due to work. Not sure where to cancel

May. 26 0
Ajjay Tambie's picture
Funky Monkey Medic

Started by Ajjay Tambie

You were the lifeguard/medic guy stationed at Funky Monkey between 4:30 and 5:30 pm on Sunday May 21 at the Philly run. I wanted to get your name before my team moved on.

May. 24 0
quinnwahl825's picture
Minnesota tough mudder June 3rd

Started by quinnwahl825

Looking for a team. I'm in decent shape so I'd want someone who can run a 630 mile or so. Probably a 40 minute 5 mile.

May. 15 0
Andrew Ashford's picture
coming from ontario to volunteer for michigan.

Started by Andrew Ashford

I will be driving down to michigan to help out for the june 3rd and 4th are there any other people from ontario going down that I can meet up with for the event.

Apr. 14 0
SepRuiz's picture
Volunteer Sat, Run Sunday Start Times?

Started by SepRuiz

Hi everyone! My team is volunteering Saturday and buying our tickets after to run that next Sunday morning. Will we be able to run at the same start time?

Mar. 17 0
Ryan Mitchell's picture

Started by Ryan Mitchell

Do you get to pick witch course you want to work at or do you just get placed?

Feb. 21 0
Sarge1347's picture Jan. 26 0