Course Types


Arena Course

Mudders running through an arena course

Do battle between chaos and camaraderie on these high-stakes arena courses, often designed on fair and amphitheatre grounds, where every step on the track feels like the final run in a championship game.

May 20, 2018

Philly, there will be mud.


Backwoods Course

Mudders running a backwoods course

Blending a wild mix of course features and intense exposure to the elements on top of our daunting obstacles, these all-terrain backwoods courses take nature running to the extreme.

Open Range Course

Mudders running a range course

As sprawling and open as they are isolated and ominous, these off-the-radar courses are frequently centered over country fields or barren desert, delivering a range of spine-tingling thrills that will put your training runs to the test.

Off-Road Course

Mudder taking on Arctic Enema

Playgrounds for adrenaline junkies and off-road runners, these fast and frenzied courses feature varying terrain, sidewinding trails and utterly unpredictable challenges.

Mountain Course

Mudders conquering Everest

As crushing on your calves as they are on your spirit, these rugged mountain courses feature high-elevation scenery as stunning as the hikes are horrendous, even for the seasoned trail or mud runner.

Muscle Course

Mudders running muscle course

Where power and speed collide, these rough and rugged courses feature muddy paved tracks, surprising hairpin turns, and demand courage, grit and muscle to finish.