Get Up, Get Out, And Get Dirty

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Summer’s nearly here, and you know what that means, Mudder - it’s time to get up(beat), get out(side), and find your fit(ness). Train tough with our epic obstacle on-the-go workouts, then save big on your next adventure.

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Top 10 Summer Workouts


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Train Tough Anywhere, Anytime

  • #10 - Legs + Core Workout

    The name of the game is teamwork. But here, reaching your team is only half the battle. And since we can’t recommend you climb an actual mountain as training, kettlebell swings, dumbbell thrusters, and broad jumps are your ticket to conquering Everest 2.0.

  • #9 - Back + Hamstrings + Core Workout

    Kettlebell deadlifts, russian twists, and decline push ups will build the hamstring and core strength you need to get up and over this hurdle. Maybe add a dip in your local lake or river after you’re finished - shoes and clothes on, of course - to simulate the kind of muddy mess you’ll be conquering.

  • #8 - Arms + Abs Workout

    Push-ups, pull-ups, and planks - three workouts that’ll have you swinging from bar to bar with ease. Plus, you’ll build some killer biceps - totally for mud run purposes, not the beach, no way, not at all - in the process. Head to your local park and tell the Minis to step off - you’ve got practicing to do.

  • #7 - Full Body Workout

    Tricep dips, jump squats, and mountain climbers serve up a full-body workout that combines strength-building and endurance training - the kind you’ll need if you’re going to give Augustus Gloop the slip. Hit the sand and up the difficulty for a beach burn you’ll actually be happy about.

  • #6 - Legs + Abs Workout

    Burpees, medicine ball twists, and goblet squats will help get you through this daunting gauntlet. But it won’t be easy. Finish off your trail run with some squats or burpees to maximize your chances of crushing Berlin Walls, not to mention your outdoorsy awesomeness.

  • #5 - Core + Upper Body Workout

    Kettlebell thrusters, flutter kicks, and chin over the bar holds are your best bet for readying to tackle the 1200 lb blocks comprising our highest-rated obstacle of all time. So take the team to the park and crush some kicks. And maybe a beer or two.

  • #4 - Core + Shoulders Workout

    Only a tight core and tweaked shoulders will let you escape from Birth Canal (mostly) unscathed. Bicycle abs, army crawl, and inch worms should do the trick, so find a field and get to work, Mudder. No gym required.

  • #3 - Abs + Upper Body Workout

    Dead hangs, hollow rocks, and shoulder taps? Don’t be fooled. These three moves may look easy, but they’re anything but.

  • #2 - Grip Strength Workout

    Dead hangs, hollow rocks, and shoulder taps may look easy, but combined they’re tougher than a go at Kong - maybe. Crush these workouts at the halfway point of a trail run and you’ll be ready to knock that oversized ape off, no problem.

  • #1 - Legs + Shoulders Workout

    You’ll need plenty of leg and shoulder strength to complete this obstacle. Start off with step ups, dumbbell press, and lunges to get the blood pumping, then collect your crew in the park and practice climbing over one another. Ya know - practice.


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