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Mark your calendar with the latest 2017 America's Toughest Mudder air dates and re-live all the epic, insane, pulse-pounding action of World’s Toughest Mudder 2016 (including NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage).


Mudders, we hear you.

So we’re giving you more opportunities to #EscapeTheOrdinary in the capital with additional events at London West & London South.

Act fast, the demand is high and the original dates are selling fast. 


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The recent training event held in London at “Mudderchute” saw the UK debut of 3 of the most highly anticipated obstacles of 2017. Augustus Gloop, Funky Monkey - The Revolution and Kong wereall tried and tested by Mudders for the first time in the UK.


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Consider this your ultimate 2017 Tough Mudder rundown: New obstacles, new events, new venues, new media. Same Tough Mudder spirit.


It’s often said that humans don’t like change, so when you hear that Tough Mudder is moving registration platforms you might be unsure what that means.

But have no fear Mudders, we’re answering all of your big questions so when 2018 swings round the only thing you need to be concerned about is the quality of the mud.


Moving to Active - FAQs


1. What is Active?

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Oft wird gesagt, dass Menschen keine Veränderungen mögen und wenn sie dann hören, dass Tough Mudder auf eine neue Plattform umsteigt, kann es sein, dass sie das verunsichert.

Aber habt keine Angst, Mudder, wir beantworten all eure Fragen und wenn die 2018 Saison vor der Tür steht, dann ist das einzige worüber Ihr euch Gedanken machen müsst, die Qualität des Schlamms.


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5 times World’s Tough Mudder Winner, Ryan Atkins, recaps the toughest effect of the year.


Relive the magic, madness, and mudness from World’s Toughest Mudder 2017 with the World’s Toughest Mudder Special on CBS. 


US Mudders, don’t forget to mark your calendars with what can only be described as the best day of your year. And no, it’s not Christmas. Or New Years. Or Summer Solstice. It’s National Mudder Day (go on, click the link, you know you want to). That’s right, a day devoted to you, mud-lovin’, obstacle-cravin’, headband-wearin’ Legionnaires.


On November 11, 2017, 1,655 Tough Mudders gathered for the 7th annual World’s Toughest Mudder outside of Las Vegas, NV.

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