A full 12-hours of extreme teamwork, stamina and mental grit testing action from 8pm Saturday to 8am Sunday. 

With individual and team categories, this is a running competition like no other. Prepare to spend time well outside your comfort zone.


Tough Mudder Finisher Headband


Just like every Tough Mudder event, you earn the right to rep a sweet finisher Headband.

Tough Mudder Bib

Event Bib

Every athlete receives participant bib to rock during (and after) each event.

Tough Mudder Medals


Earn your 2022 Toughest Mudder finisher medal by racking up at least 20km and sticking around until at least 7am on Sunday morning.

Tough Mudder Distance-Based Achievement Awards

Kilometer Patches

Starting at 30 kilometers, earn these badges as a memento of every kilometer you knocked out overnight.

Participant posing with 'gun' gesture as he reached the finish line

Action Photos

Use our proprietary facial recognition to find photos of yourself conquering the course. Post to Instagram. Bask in the glory.

Toughest Mudder Teams

Everything Your Team Needs To Know
How does it work?
Teams of between 2-4 athletes take on the course together. After the first lap, when all teammates must run together, a minimum of two team members must be physically together on course during all active laps. Each runner has their own chip – so we’ll be checking to make sure you don’t abandon each other.
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