Volunteer FAQ’s
Why are Volunteers so important at a Tough Mudder event?
Volunteers are an essential part of the Tough Mudder family, helping on the course and in Mudder Village to ensure all Mudders have a safe and fun event. Participants often say that MVP’s energy, motivation, and support is one of the most crucial factors in helping them accomplish such a hardcore challenge
What benefits do I get from volunteering?
When you START your Shift, You’ll receive the following:

FREE T-SHIRT & FREE CAP & FREE Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks to keep you pumped while handing out high fives to Participants.

When you END your Shift, You’ll receive the following:

DISCOUNTED MERCHANDISE – 20% off Tough Mudder merchandise. You’ll receive a discount code at the end of your shift to show at the merchandise tent, or use online.

FREE BEER (US & Canada Only *Excluding Seattle) – One free beer after your shift (Local age restrictions apply; even at Tough Mudder)
DISCOUNTED ENTRY – explained below

DISCOUNTED PARTICIPANT ENTRY FEE – All US tickets are subject to standard taxes and processing fees. Discount cannot be applied to seasonal or regional passes. If you volunteer on Saturday, you can use your discount to run on Sunday.

– If you want to run on Saturday and apply the Sunday volunteer discount to your purchase, please review related article.

– One half-day shift: you can run one event for 60% off
– One full-day shift: you can run one event for free
– Volunteer discount codes cannot be mixed with any other event promotion
What can I expect when volunteering?
– Once you have signed up on the portal you will receive a confirmation email for your shift.
– 10 weeks out from the event you’ll be sent an email asking to confirm your shift
– 8 weeks out it’s time to jump onto the portal and check out the online training.
– 10 days prior to the event you will receive an email with your information pack – make sure you check your spam & promotions tab.
– 1 days to go – you’ll receive the final email (including parking pass) and it’s time to get prepped for the event (think planning your journey, packing and those extra snacks etc).

On the day:
Volunteers get to do lots of cool things, including (but not limited to!) providing the first welcome to thousands of participants, pumping up the crowd at the start line, helping out at obstacles, and putting hard-earned headbands on Mudders at the finish line. At some events, we also have pre-event and team leader roles.

– On arrival you will be checked in at the volunteer tent, pick up your volunteer t-shirt & cap, and receive a briefing from the volunteer manager prior to beginning your role for the day.
– Breakfast and/or lunch (shift dependent) will be provided – make sure to pack some extra snacks to keep you going.
– Give lots of muddy hugs & high fives during your shift.
– Check out at the end of your shift at the volunteer tent – you must do this to receive your volunteer discount.

After the event:

– Check your emails for the volunteer survey

How do I confirm or withdraw from my shift?
There are three ways to do this:
1. Click the ‘Confirm’ or ‘Withdraw’ link in the email
2. Log into the MVP Portal and look in ‘My Roles’ where you can find the shift and click on ‘Confirm’ or ‘Withdraw’
3. If we send you an SMS, you will be able to follow the instructions included to confirm or withdraw directly by sms

What is the automatic withdrawal process?
You will have a two week window to let us know if you can make your specific volunteer shift above. During this period, you will receive an email every three days until you confirm or withdraw. If you do not take action, the system will automatically withdraw you from your shift.

When is my two week window?

If you applied:
More than 10 weeks before the event
You must confirm:
8 to 10 weeks before your shift

If you applied:
Less than 10 weeks before the event
You must confirm:
One to 14 days after you applied

If you applied:
Less than 2 weeks before the event
You must confirm:
No less than 3 days before your shift
How Do I Sign Up To Volunteer?
Interested in creating life-changing experiences as a volunteer? Great! We’re excited to see you join the Mudder Volunteer Program and officially become an MVP. Here’s the quick steps to join us:

1. Visit the MVP Portal

2. Click Register or login to your existing account

If you are new to the system and registering for the first time:
1. Scroll down and enter your personal details
2. Select the Event Series, Event, Role Category, Role that you want to complete
3. Scroll down to complete the application form
4. Double check your info
5. Sign the e-waiver & click ‘Submit Application’
6. You’re In – now log into the portal to make sure the shift you selected is visible and check your email to make sure you’re receiving our emails
7. Bonus: Share the good news on Facebook and encourage others to join you
Note: Make sure you have an assigned shift in the MVP Portal before arriving on-site as we need your emergency contact information and signed e-waiver.
How old must I be to volunteer?
Globally, volunteers must be 18 years of age or older for any of our events. 16 and 17 year olds may volunteer if they are accompanied by a trusted adult/guardian throughout their shift and have a signed parent or guardian consent waiver.
How long are volunteer shifts?
Volunteer Half-day Shift = 6 – 7 hours
Volunteer Full-day Shift = 10 – 12 hours

We rely on the support of awesome volunteers like you and have allocated roles based on specific event delivery needs. Therefore, please ONLY sign up to volunteer for a shift that you’re able to attend for its entirety.
Can I volunteer for the same role with my friend/family/co-worker?
You and your friend/family/co-worker can assign yourselves to the same volunteer role and shift by visiting Mudder Volunteer Program > Apply Now > selecting the event you want to volunteer at and then applying for the same position. Tough Mudder events are large and operationally very complex, therefore we need volunteers to fill very specific roles with the proper qualifications.
Do you accept groups?
Absolutely. There are two ways to sign up as a group:

1. Get your group members to all sign up for the same shift & role via the MVP portal (recommended for groups 10 people and less)
2. If your group is 10 people or more please contact Volunteer HQ via Customer Service (just submit a request) and we will get you set up!

Please note, we can’t guarantee that you will all be located in the same area as we will allocate according to the event requirements. But we do guarantee you will all have fun and outrageous stories to compare on the journey home.
Can I or my friend just turn up on the day and volunteer?
We ask that you sign up through the MVP portal prior to attending your shift so that we can make sure we are prepared for you including enough lunches, t-shirts etc. If we are oversubscribed with volunteers for an event we cannot guarantee that we will be able to give you a role and might have to turn you away. So make sure you sign up in advance via the MVP portal to secure that volunteering spot.
I’ve applied to volunteer, now what?
– When you applied online, you assigned yourself (one or more) shifts. These will be your position(s) on event day.
– You can review your volunteer shift details on the MVP Portal > My Roles
– Add your shift to your personal calendar
– If you cannot attend your shift, withdraw as soon as you can via the MVP Portal > My Roles. – This opens up the opportunity for other MVPs and makes sure we have a full team for a safe and awesome event.
– Within two months of the event, we’ll send you a very important email asking you to ‘Confirm’ or ‘Withdraw’. You then have 14 days to accept the shift before you’re automatically withdrawn and we’ll open up the shift to other interested applicants.
– In the week before the event, we will email your information pack with everything you need for your role, including:

*A parking pass
*Last minute updates from the TMHQ team on site
*Information about your Volunteer Manager
*Please keep an eye on your emails up until the start of your shift, in case we need to send you any emergency information.

– Prepare for event day. Pack snacks, extra hydration, sunscreen, and set aside your comfortable closed toe shoes and weather appropriate clothing. Layers are always recommended as early mornings can be cold, and then the day will warm up.
What is the waitlist?
When you’re on the waitlist, your contact information is stored in our system. If a wide range of roles open up, we’ll email you and let you know! PRO TIP: If you’re really aiming to secure a specific role and it’s full, keep checking the application form, especially six (6) – eight (8) weeks from the event. At that point in the schedule, roles tend to open up as we complete the confirmation and withdrawal process.
How do I find my volunteer shift times?
Worry no more, MVP! It is really simple to check when your shift starts and when it finishes.

– Log into the MVP Portal and look in ‘My Roles’ to see the shift time (and specific role) you selected
– Please arrive on site 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift to give you time to check in
– We also ask that you’re as flexible as possible with the end time because sometimes our last participant runs a few minutes behind schedule. We’ll give you an extra muddy hug for staying longer.
How can I change or cancel my shift?
We know that urgent things do come up, so luckily making changes is really simple.
1. Log in to the Portal.
2. In ‘My Roles’ find your shift and click on ‘Change’ (or withdraw from the shift you can no longer attend which will open up your position to someone who can join us)
3. Select your new category and role
4. Sign the event waiver
5. Submit application
I signed up for a shift, but haven’t heard from you?
First, add [email protected] to your email contact list to ensure your server doesn’t block our emails. Then, check your SPAM email folder to make sure we’ve not been banished there. If you are looking on a phone, spam doesn’t tend to come through to your inbox so you may need to check on a computer. Finally, if you still don’t see the emails, then please visit the MVP Portal and scroll to the bottom of your dashboard page to ‘History’ where you can view your emails and open their content.
My role is not showing on the portal, can I just turn up?
If you are over 3 days out from your event and cannot see your role in the portal please contact Customer Services so we can assist. If it’s less than 3 days until the event please take the confirmation email you received when signing up along to the Volunteer check in tent so we can allocate you into that role.
Do you provide transportation to the venue?
You will receive all the information you need about parking, or other transportation, in your information pack at 10 days out from the event. Parking is free for volunteers! You will receive your parking pass 1 day before the event.
Do you provide camping or recommend hotels for volunteers?
For most of our North American events, we do not have official camping or provide accommodation specifically for volunteers. However, please refer to the specific Event Page to learn more information on our hotel partners.
What should I wear or bring for my shift?
Depending on the location, the weather could be hot, cold, dry, humid, or wet. Keep in mind that in any of these scenarios, you’ll be exposed to the elements. So, check the weather before event weekend.

Here are our key recommendations:

Lots of layers: The volunteer t-shirt always needs to be the top layer, but we recommend lots of layers underneath so that you can adjust as the weather changes throughout the day. And, if you’re lucky, maybe you can even keep one layer mud-free for the trip home.

Waterproof gear: You may want to wear waterproof clothing in case it starts raining, you’re stationed near a water obstacle or water station, or you want to try and keep the mud off of you. If it is cold outside, staying dry is definitely a bonus.

Comfortable, sturdy shoes or boots: We require you to wear closed toe shoes for safety, but also make sure they are comfortable. It’s likely that you’ll be standing for a lot of the time you are on site, so shoes with good support which you don’t mind getting muddy will be your friend. (Think: hiking shoes!)

If it’s hot: Hat, lots of sunscreen and sunglasses

If it’s cold: Hat, scarf, gloves, warm socks, a winter jacket, and sunscreen.

Your favorite snacks: We provide a light breakfast and lunch, but do pack your favorite snacks and additional hydration to keep you sustained throughout your shift. You’ll thank yourself.

Other things to consider: If you’re happy to carry a mini-cooler around with you, fill it with your favorite snacks and bring it! If you want to enjoy what our food & beverage vendors have to offer, bring cash!

Your favorite snacks:Due to the complex nature of events we cannot provide food for those with specific food requirements (ie: food allergy, vegan, gluten free, etc), we ask you to bring food with you to keep you sustained throughout your shift.

A small bag (if you need it): We cannot secure your volunteer bags on site, so make sure you only bring the essentials that you want to keep with your throughout the duration of your shift. Otherwise, leave everything else at home or in your car.

Something wacky: If you’re the type of person who likes to entertain an audience, then feel free to bring your orange wig or favorite tutu. Just make sure your volunteer t-shirt will fit over your accessories!
Is there bag drop for volunteers?
Volunteer HQ is not equipped to secure bags. Therefore, please only bring what you can carry with you, and leave the rest in your car.

Note: If you are planning to participate in the event, you will have access to bag drop as a participant would, bag drop is regular price for volunteers.
I am volunteering but also supporting a Mudder, can I follow them on course while they are running?
Unfortunately, no. The role that you selected has very important responsibilities and therefore there is not the ability to follow a Mudder while they are on course while you are in your Full (12 hours) or Half (6 Hours) Shifts.
I can’t open the Parking Pass/ Directions/ Having some other Technical Difficulty. Can you help?
All your information will be sent to you the week prior to the event. If you still don’t receive the information or cannot open it, then visit the MVP Portal and in the notification section you will see your event specific information waiting. If you are still having a problem Submit a Request for your specific event. Within the form, include the following information:

A DESCRIPTION of your technical difficulty.
How do I use my code if volunteering & running in the same weekend?
Volunteer on Saturday & run on Sunday
If you volunteer on Saturday, you will receive a volunteer discount code that will allow you to run with a sweet discount!

Here are two scenarios:
1. Volunteer Saturday / Run Sunday Note: This scenario only works if you have not purchased your Sunday ticket yet. (If you have… see Option #2). At the the end of your shift, you will receive a discount code that will allow you to purchase your Sunday ticket (or a future event*)
2. Volunteer Saturday / Run a Future Event. If you already have a ticket to run on Sunday, but want to volunteer on Saturday – no sweat: you can still enjoy the discount at another event. At the the end of your shift, you will receive a discount code that will allow you to purchase a ticket to a future event* *Future Event = Your discount code will be valid for the year you volunteered or the one year proceeding.

Run on Saturday & volunteer on Sunday.
As an MVP you have the opportunity to run Saturday (using your volunteer discount) and volunteer on Sunday. This is only possible at the same event and by following the details below. Before purchasing your participant ticket, please review the reimbursement timeline below very carefully.

In advance, you must: Purchase a standard Saturday participant entry via credit card before arriving on site via Active. This is a deposit against completing your Sunday volunteer shift. Register for (and confirm) a Sunday volunteer shift. Please note, we cannot reimburse 3rd party tickets such as Groupon.

On event weekend, you must: Attend the entirety of your Sunday shift. Check out of your shift. Fill out a reimbursement form instead of collecting the discount code. To be clear, when you elect to receive a reimbursement, you will not receive a code.

Reimbursement Timeline: Your reimbursement will take between up to 2 weeks to process (dependent on your bank).

Fine Print: Reimbursements will only be processed for running and volunteering at the same event or same location within a week of each other. You’ll receive a refund equal to the difference between the price you paid and your entitled discounted run price (Free for a full day shift or 60% off for a half day volunteer). All US tickets are subject to standard taxes and processing fees. If you do not complete your full shift, you will not receive a refund on your participant entry Note: Refunds are not available for previously purchased Sunday tickets if volunteering on a Saturday or tickets for a different event.
Can I use my discount for an event that’s sold out?
Yes, you can! It’s a major perk of volunteering at Tough Mudder Events that they’re always open even if we sell out.
Can I use my discount for World’s Toughest Mudder & Toughest Mudder?
No, Toughest Mudder and World’s Toughest Mudder is excluded from the volunteer discount. However, you can use your volunteer discount at a future Tough Mudder Event in the year you earned the code or one year proceeding. Volunteer Tip: The more volunteer shifts you complete, the more discounted runs you acquire. Discounted runs = Cheap Toughest Mudder and World’s Toughest Mudder Training.
Can I gift or share my code with another person?
Yes, you can gift your code to another person. To do so please email [email protected] with the code and the name of the person you are gifting it to.
Do volunteer discount codes expire?
When you earn a discount code, it is valid for the current season, plus the following event season.

NOTE: Volunteer discount codes cannot be combined with any other event promotion.
I’ve lost my volunteer discount code
If you have misplaced your code, unfortunately, we are not able to replace it with another one.
My Discount Code is Invalid! What do I do?
We’re not happy to hear that you’re having a technical difficulty. Follow these steps below and we’ll help sort it out:
– If you were in the process of purchasing a ticket using the volunteer discount code, and you refreshed the page or lost internet connection, your code needs time to reset before you can use it. The time for the code to reset is 4 hours, so please plan accordingly (NOTE: If it’s an event weekend, and you are having this issue and cannot wait 4 hours, please take your code to Mudder Services and they will register you).
– If you enter your code in and receive an invalid message, please double check the code and try, try again. If you try a second time and receive the same message, please complete the following:

1. Submit a ticket
2. Include a screenshot of the error screen
3. Include your code in the ticket email (we cannot help you if we don’t have your code and it just slows down the process as we will have to request it from you and wait for you to respond)
How do I unsubscribe to Volunteer emails?
Let us know by clicking here and leaving the following information: UNSUBSCRIBE: [email], [first name], [last name]. Keep in mind if you unsubscribe you will miss out on your important shift times, the ability to confirm your shift, parking changes, course maps, volunteer information packs and last-minute event changes due to weather or other factors.
Is there a Customer Service Telephone Number that I can contact about volunteering?
Our recommendation for the quickest answer to your question is answered in our FAQs. If you still don’t find the answer, then please use the Submit Question button and your question will be answered within 5 business days from wherever they are currently working in the world. Please note, if you submit a question within 3 days before the event weekend you are volunteering we cannot guarantee an answer in time.