What is Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder is a range of obstacle courses and mud runs with teamwork and personal accomplishment at their heart.

Whether it's a 5K or 10 mile course, you can expect world-class obstacles, a unique sense of camaraderie and an atmosphere like no other.

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Tough Mudder Revolution

  • What To Do in Whistler

    Obstacle Unveil November 8

    Set an alarm and mark your calendar. After months of planning and testing, on November 8, we reveal the 10 new or updated obstacles coming to course in 2019. Yes, you read that correctly. That’s double-digit innovation.

    Are you ready?

  • What To Do in Colorado

    Beta Testing is Coming to Atlanta

    We’re doubling down on obstacle Innovation featuring, for the first time ever, two separate Beta Tests in Europe and North America. Beta Testing is where the best ideas from Mudder Nation’s Obstacle Design Competition and TMHQ’s Obstacle Innovation Lab are put through their paces.

    We’ll host our North American Beta Test in Atlanta, GA in late October.

  • What To Do in New York

    New Mudder Village Festival

    Tough Mudder Revolution isn’t just about new obstacles. In 2019, we’re taking Mudder Village to the next level. Amp up your energy pre-event with on-site coffee, then satisfy your post-finish cravings with plenty of food trucks & authentic local food options. Feeling indulgent? There’s ice cream too.

    Grab a drink at the bar, kick back with live entertainment, play lawn games (Giant Beer Pong, anyone?), and test your Tough with epic Tough Mudder fitness challenges. Did we mention you could win big with all-day giveaways?

  • What To Do in Chicago

    Alpha Testing Has Begun

    In the past, we’ve kept Alpha testing locked up tight. This year, we’re letting Mudder Nation test 2019 innovations first-hand. Alpha Tests are underway on 2018 courses across the globe. Read more below, then follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get a sneak peek.

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  • What To Do in Nashville

    Obstacle Design Competition

    After the runaway success of our 2017 Obstacle Design Competition winner, Kong Infinity, we ran the competition again last month. Now, we’re elbow-deep in hundreds of epic, fear-inducing and downright crazy submissions and whittling it down to one winning concept. Stay tuned for the announcement…

    Check Out The Wackiest Submissions