Need More Information?
Get the details on joining the Ambassador program.
You must have completed at least 2 Tough Mudder events during the 2019 season and at least three events in your Tough Mudder career.
You must participate in a minimum of two events and earn 20 Ambassador points annually to maintain your status.
You must reside in North America
You must submit the Tough Mudder Brand Ambassador Application to Tough Mudder. Applications submitted will be accepted on a rolling basis.
You must be ready to rep all things Tough Mudder and rock a great attitude while doin’ it.
GROW MUDDER NATION: Recruit new participants, volunteers and sponsors to the community– and earn points that you can redeem for sweet rewards for every contribution you make.
SUPPORT TOUGH MUDDER: Online, in-person, at events and in everyday life– live the Tough Mudder values of teamwork, courage, personal accomplishment and fun. Be an evangelist for the Tough Mudder community– and make sure that you’re protecting it too.
HELP US IMPROVE THE EXPERIENCE: Share constructive feedback, participate in focus groups, help answer questions in forums and on-site. Be a key part of our new, always-on development process.
ENRICH OUR COMMUNITY: Be an active, positive contributor on social media and within the wider community. Help share core Tough Mudder messages and support the community as they navigate their Tough Mudder journey. #TMAmbassador
Application Deadlines
We’ll be accepting applications on a rolling basis:

Applications received by 7/1: Announced no later than 7/15
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