Ready To Take ‘Em On?
Augustus Gloop 2.0 >>

An all-time Mudder favorite, back, better, and more badass than ever. High-pressure jets of water pouring down from every angle make this claustrophobic vertical climb extra tough to conquer. This isn't just a race to top, it's a race against your own mind.

Mudderhorn >>

Mudderhorn is the tallest obstacle ever seen at any Tough Mudder Weekend. Use teamwork to reach the net, but don’t let the vertigo drag you back down.

Black Widow >>

You'll be harnessing your spidey-sense big time on this series of 30’ long tightropes suspended over water. Stick to the rope, stick to your team, stick to any Mudder who gets too close.

Gauntlet >>

At over 100’, this isn’t just the longest obstacle of the 2020 season—it’s the longest obstacle we’ve built. Ever. The Gauntlet is our version of a greatest hits album -- four iconic sections, each testing something different. Whether it is a test of grip strength on Hangin' Tough or core stability on Gut Buster, this is where good Mudders find greatness and only the strongest survive.

Entrapment >>

You'll need to go full-on action hero to conquer Entrapment, with its low crawl through 30’ of ever-narrowing space. Dream big, Mudder, but stay grounded or risk getting zapped.

Texas Hold'em >>

This straight-shootin’ obstacle is all about teamwork—and balance. To conquer this see-sawing triangular platform all you gotta do is grab a teammate, hold on tight, and do the Mudder Shuffle.

Arctic Enema - The Rebirth >>

Not on 5K Course. Mudders climb into a near freezing pool of water, then submerge themselves under two separate walls before they get the sweet, sweet relief of escape. Some say its a full body ice cream headache in obstacle form...others say its a serious ball shrinker. We say it's a hell of a lot of fun and an incredible way to snap yourself into focus for the rest of your day.

The Block Ness Monster >>

Only a real mudder hero could conquer this mythical beast on their own. For the rest of you it's gonna take some serious teamwork to push and pull your way through this 30' long obstacle with 60' wide rotating blocks in 4' of water.

Funky Monkey >>

A literal “spin” on Tough Mudder’s classic Funky Monkey obstacle. Participants test their upper body strength to complete this challenge while transitioning from monkey bars to traverse a series of revolving wheels.

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