When looking for inspiration and motivation we tend to celebrate the pros, the elite and the naturally gifted. But, are we really motivated by the unachievable?

At Tough Mudder we recognize those that go unnoticed, helping others without the accolades or the Instagram filters. We all do amazing things every day to inspire those around us and we want to share these stories with our community. 


Why We Mudder

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    Participants smiling while helping each other climb the Everest


    Old lady participant just crossed the finish line

    Mildred Wilson

    81-year-old Mildred Wilson gets a whole lot of bragging rights for accomplishing her first Tough Mudder in Missouri shortly after her 80th birthday. Her son had approached her about completing a Tough Mudder 5K months before the event and her reaction was a resounding, “hell, yeah.”

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    Old lady participant crawling through the mud while here teammates cheering for her

    Connie Belt

    After being paralyzed from a gun shot wound at the age of three, Connie Belt has not let her injury hold her back. Last month, she completed the Classic course .

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    Participants posing for a picture in the starting line

    Lindsey Heiserman

    How Tough Mudder changed me as a person. Every time I tried an obstacle (and mostly failed) people were cheering for me. Strangers were cheering. And people helped you when you wanted or needed it. The fear slowly changed into pride as I felt myself become a little bit more brave as I went through the event.

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    Teammates carrying their team member who has disability as they climb Mudderhorn

    Mark Webb

    Mark Webb and his team, made up of friends and colleagues, were taking on the course to raise money for Shift.ms a charity that supports those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but it wasn’t just the good cause that inspired us.

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