At Tough Mudder the community and their stories have always been just as important as obstacles and mud (maybe even more so) and every year we’re inspired and motivated by the characters we meet on course. This year, as well all know, has been a bit different and Mudders around the world have been overcoming obstacles of another kind. Whether it’s been starting an at-home fitness journey, raising money for charity, or putting a smile on someone’s face, the teamwork, camaraderie and personal achievement has continued – and we want to hear about it.

We want to tell the stories of Mudder Nation that have been happening off-course this year. The small acts of kindness, the personal milestones and the moments of joy that are helping to get a community through a pretty difficult year.

If you have a great story, whether you’re the star or someone you love is, we’d love you to share it with us. Fill out the form below and your story could be shared with Mudder Nation across the globe.

Overcoming Obstacles

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