Tough Mudder is celebrating

5 years

Just weeks away from giving out our two millionth orange finisher headband, you’d assume that we’ve been building world-class obstacle courses for a few decades. Truth is, we’re turning five this month, and just like our course, it’s been one wild, memorable ride.


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Tough Mudder Through the Years

may 2, 2010 - The Journey Begins

4,500 Mudder Nation pioneers sprint down a ski mountain in Macungie, Pennsylvania, completing the very first obstacle in Tough Mudder history: Braveheart Charge. After a successful first event, the then 3-person TMHQ team packs up the 7-mile course and continues on to New Jersey and California, crowning 20,000 Mudders with orange headbands during TM’s inaugural season.

  • Mudders raise $500,000 for Wounded Warrior Project
  • Electroshock Therapy debuts at Tough Mudder NY/NJ
  • Tattoo tent in the base area offers free Tough Mudder tattoos

2011 - A Movement Is Born

Growing seven-fold in participants from 20,000 to 140,000 and more than quadrupling the number of events from three to 14, the Mudder movement begins to take America by storm. In an initiative to challenge hardcore Mudders, TMHQ caps its 2011 season with its first annual 24-hour World’s Toughest Mudder endurance race at Raceway Park New Jersey.

  • Junyong Pak and Amelia Boone win first World’s Toughest Mudder
  • Arctic Enema debuts as “Chernobyl Jacuzzi”
  • Tough Mudder’s Facebook page reaches 1 million fans

2012 - Mudder Nation Goes Global

After two years of rapid growth in the United States, demand from overseas encourages TMHQ to add seven international events, including three in the UK, to the 2012 schedule. Adding hair-raising obstacles like Electric Eel and Smoke Chute to up the ante for half a million global 2012 participants, TMHQ mirrors the rapid growth of its participants, expanding to over 100 team members and opening a London office.

  • First international event hosted in Melbourne on March 31
  • Miss USA runs Tough Mudder New England
  • Junyong Pak and Amelia Boone repeat as WTM champions

2013 - One Million Mudders

Hosting 53 total events, including 18 international events, Mudder Nation surpasses the one million Mudder mark early in the 2013 season. Expanding from the English-speaking world and into mainland Europe, Tough Mudder Germany celebrates its first event in Fürstenau on July 13. Rapidly growing on all fronts, TMHQ begins scouting venues in New Zealand and Ireland.

  • The TODAY Show team runs a mini Tough Mudder on live TV
  • First German Tough Mudder features medics on horseback
  • Mudder Volunteer Program kicks off, allowing volunteers to run at a discount

2014 - Year of the Legionnaire

Tough Mudder launches Mudder Legion - the worldwide organization of repeat Mudders. Rewarding Mudders with multi-colored headbands symbolizing the number of TM’s completed, Legionnaires earn enough headbands to stack as high as 43 Great Pyramids. Off course, Mudders from 57 events in eight countries help raise $2 million in support of official Tough Mudder charities.

  • 60,000 Mudders participate in Global Mudder weekend
  • Las Vegas hosts World’s Toughest Mudder for first time
  • Mudders cover enough miles to go to the moon and back 11 times

2015 - Redefining Tough Mudder

To the delight of both Legionnaires and first-time Mudders alike, TMHQ launches Tough Mudder Redefined, an all-around course revamp featuring brand new obstacles, new-and-improved updates to old favorites and an enhanced course and base area experience. Surpassing two million Mudders, Tough Mudder proves itself to be the world’s fastest-growing event of its kind.

  • Cry Baby obstacle stirs up worldwide media frenzy
  • 15 brand new and updated obstacles added to course
  • TMHQ launches Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder


In celebration of our anniversary, for a limited time, get 25% off your next Tough Mudder. Use code: HBDTM at checkout. see here.

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