Must Watch: Coachified Season 3 Premiere on YouTube

Coachified Season 3 launches TOMORROW.

To get you fully prepared for the release we pulled together four of our favorite episodes of all time.

1. Everest 2.0 Extreme Obstacle Tips with EROCK

Everest 2.0 can be a real B*%@#, but not with Just The Tip tips. Get a few pointers from Coach and ERock in this episode that’s both hilarious and surprisingly helpful.

2. WTM Pro Tips with Hunter “The Sheriff” McIntyre

If Coach and Hunter McIntyre don’t inspire you to step the f*** up  we don’t know what will. Get agile, mobile, and hostile(ish) with these World’s Toughest Mudder training tips.

3. Night Ops Preparation with Hunter “The Sheriff” McIntyre

Did you remember your Step the F*ck up glasses? Coach and Hunter McIntyre teach us about the essentials of Black Ops training for World’s Toughest Mudder and Toughest Mudder.

4. Extreme Training with X-Games Masters

15 foot cliff jumps into foam pits are just the beginning at Woodward Tahoe.

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