Teamwork at it’s finest: Block Ness Monster

Block Ness Monster is the ultimate example of a teamwork obstacle. Not only does it rely on working together, but also relies on communication and momentum that will also help you and others over the series of spinning blocks. The teamwork is broken up into two different parts: the ‘pusher’ and the ‘puller.’ Both are crucial roles, as they create the momentum to keep everyone moving upon entering the obstacle.

Let’s start with the ‘Puller’ 

This is the person that goes over the block first. The puller will start by grabbing one edge of the block and will hold on as their partner pushes the block forward. Once the block starts moving, hold onto the edge until you get to the top. (Pro Tip: Upon block movement, start doing a pull up motion, so that once you reach the top, you can quickly turn around instead of  diving into the water head first on the other side). Once you are on the other side, it’s time to help others get over the block. Your job: make it easier for them and keep the momentum up of the moving block. You will grab the next edge of the block and pull down on the corner to help your partner over, who has grabbed the other edge of the block on their end. As the block keeps moving, those edges will propel others to the other side and ultimately allow for more people to keep this monster from stopping other teams entering the obstacles having a hard time over the block. Looking for some exercises that will help you with this obstacle? Add dead hangs and pull ups to your workout routine to be a strong ‘puller.’.

Tough Mudder Obstacle

Onto the ‘Pusher’

This is the partner that starts the movement of the block. The pusher starts by grabbing an edge of the block that is under the water and pushes the edge up, allowing the block to spin…talk about a team player. Once that same edge of the block gets to the top, the pusher will then grab that corner and now becomes the next ‘puller.’ Both the ‘pusher’ and ‘puller’ are equally important to allow individual team members, as small as groups of 2 over Block Ness to teams of 10. You’re a Mudder, so you are looking for the bst way to prepare…exercises to add into your workout routine that will enhance your performance as the pusher are bicep curls and push ups, something you can do with simple weights or using your body weight.

In all, as the Pushers and Pullers continue to work together, momentum in the Block Ness Monster will remain consistent, making it easier to move your teammates through the obstacle. Continue to keep the block moving so that there is ‘No Mudder Left Behind.’

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