Top 5 Things To Plan For After Finishing a Tough Mudder

Congrats! You just finished your Tough Mudder 2021, and you’ve got the mud to prove it.

#1 Showering Off After A Tough Mudder

One of the most satisfying parts of tearing through the Tough Mudder obstacle course with your friends at your side is the glorious, refreshing shower you get to take afterwards. Have no fear— showering off that mud is almost as easy as getting it on, thanks to conveniently-located Rinse Stations loaded with Every Man Jack grooming products

But WAIT! Before rinsing off, send us a dirty pic. No, really— send us a picture of you in your Tough Mudder finest, covered head to toe in mud. Bonus points for before and after pictures!

Okay, now onto the clean stuff. Start by rinsing the mud off your skin, body, and hair.  After the initial water rinse, lather up some Every Man Jack All-Over wash from head to toe to take care of the caked on dirt and mud.

Pro tip: make sure to visit the Changing Tents and Grooming Bar afterwards to freshen up with Every Man Jack spray deodorants, sun care, hair styling products, and beard butter

#2 Cleaning Up Your Gear After A Tough Mudder

You see, cleaning up your body isn’t so bad, but what about your gear? 

To effectively wash the mud out of your gear after a race, we recommend acting fast! Rinse your shoes and clothes ASAP (which shouldn’t be a problem if you’re booking it straight to the showers after you cross the finish line). It’s best to remove as much dirt and mud as you can first before tossing your gear into a washing machine once you get back home. 

Shoes too dirty to clean? There are shoe donations on site at all events, conveniently located right next to the Every Man Jack Rinse Station. 

It’s also a good idea to plan on running the event in older apparel that you won’t be as worried about potentially ruining. After all, it’s called a Tough Mudder for a reason.

#3 Post-Event Stretches To Help Your Body Cool Down

Stretch it out, dude. You just ran through 25+ Tough Mudder obstacles, and while your adrenaline is on cloud nine, your body may not be. 

Stretching is vital after your event, so get a solid routine down pat and hold each position for 3 sets of 30 seconds. Start with these 5 post-event recovery stretches to help your body cool down and combat those DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness).

#4 Sharing Your Post Event Photos

You know what to do: Follow @everymanjack and @toughmudder on Instagram and send us a dirty pic. Send us a picture of you in your Tough Mudder finest, covered head to toe in mud. Bonus points for before and after pictures! You might be immortalized in all your Tough Mudder glory on our feeds.

#5 Sign Up For Your 2022 Tough Mudder

Pro-tip: Booking plans well in advance into the future blocks off your calendar to much less fun things that might pop up. Let that be at Tough Mudder and earn your 2x headband in 2022. 

Keep your eyes peeled HERE for updates on when you can expect Every Man Jack and Tough Mudder are coming back around to your town.