Tough Mudder Gulf Coast: The Muddiest Course in North America

It’s happening – THIS WEEKEND. Perhaps you’ve heard the legend, whispered in start chutes from one Legionnaire to another.  The mighty Gulf Coast Pit.  What is it? Only the largest, longest, muddiest pit on any course in North America, and yes – it’s real. 

It being our first time at this venue in 2015, the Pit struck Mudders without warning.  This year, on advice of counsel, we’re giving you these four tips to conquer Tough Mudder’s mightiest, muddiest pit.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Tip #1- Don’t Let the Canyons Fool You

If you think the last hill you climbed is going to be the way out of the canyon – it’s not.  There will be another, and another. Before going into the Pit, brace yourself to climb up, over, and through multiple muddy hills and valleys that’ll put your strength and mental grit to the test . You’ll be happy when you finish – especially if you’re still wearing the shoes you started with.

Tip #2 – There is No Way Out

That’s not a joke. We can’t get vehicles into the Pit.  We’ll make a way out, don’t worry.  It’s on the to-do list you can put it down as a strong “maybe.”

Tip #3 – The Pit Contains Obstacles

Mud-based obstacles, that is.  Trudging through deep, thick mud is no easy feat and has been known to rob Mudders of shoes, dignity, and dear friendships.

Tip #4 – You Cannot Win

Ensure your sneakers have good tread, are laced up tight, and hope for the best.

Haven’t signed up to tackle this muddy behemoth yet? Clear your calendar April 9th or 10th, and sign up here