What is Tough Mudder’s Infinite Hero Honor Challenge?

Earlier this year Tough Mudder announced its Infinite Hero Honor Challenge. After a successful course run through at Tough Mudder Indiana, with 10 Tough Mudder Ambassadors/Legionnaires, the team left even more excited about the first Infinite Hero Honor Challenge at Tough Mudder Tri-State on September 11th. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Infinite Hero Honor Challenges, if you choose to sign up:

Bottom line: It is a 9-10 hour team challenge consisting of land navigation with a light ruck to points on a map that have challenges that will require you to use teamwork and creative thinking.

When I tell people this, they typically respond with, “Oh it’s a Tough Mudder Hurricane Heat” or “It’s a Tough Mudder GoRuck”. Well… no.  I would say it’s in the same style of those events, but here is what makes it unique:

1. It’s Fun

The event is put on by Tough Mudder so you know it is going to have a lot of fun thrown in the mix. If you’ve been to a Hurricane Heat this will feel different just like going to a Spartan Race feels different than going to a Tough Mudder.

2. It’s Themed

Instead of showing up and the instructors telling you to do X because “We said so,” there’s a storyline that begins with you receiving a mission brief upon arrival and concludes with you making it to the extraction point. Will your platoon be able to complete all the missions and make it out safely?

3. The Obstacles

The event takes place on the same day of a Tough Mudder weekend, using legit OCR obstacles that are a part of the event. The twist is that you won’t be doing them in the normal fashion: blindfolds, changes in direction, requirements to move a large object will make you rethink how obstacles are done.

4. It’s for a Good Cause

Part of registration involves raising money for Infinite Hero Foundation, who provides mental and physical support to veterans.  If you are a season pass holder you can enter the event for free, but you still need to complete the fundraising goal.

5. Every Event is Different

The four events will have a different storyline, unique challenges, utilize distinct obstacles and take place on venue specific terrain.

6. Lots of Swag

After 10 hours of work you’ll want some quality stuff to show off your accomplishment. IHHC has you covered, with a special Infinite Hero Honor Challenge event bib, a mission patch that is venue specific and a challenge coin that is venue specific are part of your completion prizes.  Plus, it wouldn’t be a Tough Mudder without an event shirt and, of course, a new headband… both of which are Infinite Hero branded.

The bottom line is if you liked the virtual challenges Tough Mudder produced in 2020 but want them harder, with camaraderie and a social atmosphere… you’ll love this.  It is kind of like the TV show “The Amazing Race” but at a Tough Mudder venue with a military theme.  Plus, I’ve heard that it does count towards your Legionnaire status of number of events.

The 3 upcoming events are:

  • College Station, TX on March 19th
  • Los Angeles, CA on April 9th
  • Atlanta, GA on April 23rd

Just like most things in the OCR world, if you want more event locations you need to show up to one of the ones listed to send a demand signal for more.  I hope to see you at one of these four in 2021! It’s going to be a ton of fun… but perhaps best of all… there’s no burpees. 

Registration is now open!  Sign up here.

About the author

Evan Perperis: Evan is an Army Special Forces Soldier with 17 years of military experience and 44 months of combat deployments. He ran his first World’s Toughest Mudder in 2014 and has accumulated 63x Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) podium finishes since then including his two-man team winning World’s Toughest Mudder 2018. Every year since 2016 he’s done a self-created extreme Ultra-OCR challenge including things like a 48 hour multi-lap, 8 OCR marathons in 8 days in the winter, 24 hours of treadmill OCR and an Ultra-OCR at simulated 21,000 feet to raise more than $26,000 for charity, much of which is chronicled in his book Ultra-OCR Man (available in hard copy, digital and audiobook).