TM Instagram Contest: 8 Best #TMTeamwork Photos

By Melissa Benjamin | November 11, 2014


As the Tough Mudder 2014 season comes to an end, we want to relive some of your favorite moments from 2014. Every weekend we are hosting a #TMInstaContest on our Instagram page. Use the weekend's hashtag for your chance to be featured here on our blog, with the best photo winning a ticket to a Tough Mudder 2015 event. 

This weekend, we were inspired by the hundreds of #TMTeamwork photos submitted. From helping each other over Berlin Walls, to coaching Mudders off Walk the Plank, #TMTeamwork photos confirmed one thing we've always known: Mudders NEVER leave one another behind. We couldn't choose just 5, so here are 8 of our favorite #TMTeamwork photos.

8. @stephenvking

TMTeamwork #TMInstaContest teamwork means leave no one behind. I believe she cramped up and they all came back for her despite the shocks.

7. @instannnnagram

I signed up to Tough Mudder to conquer my fear of water! These guys walked alongside me as I did Cage Crawl when they could see I was panicking, they cheered me off Walk the Plank- something I didn't think I would ever be able to do. Without them, I would never have got round the course. That's what team work means to me.

6. @iront77

The longest log ever at Hold Your Wood! #TMTeamwork #TMInstaContest

5. @coltmccoy95

Looking forward to next year boys! #toughmudder2014 #TMTeamwork

4. @michaelgallagher1971

#TMTEAMWORK Everest at Tough Mudder Missouri this year was the epitome of teamwork for EVERYONE that completed the obstacle. Without the sacrifice of the guys and girls building the human ladders, due to the amount of mud, that obstacle could not have been finished. But we all got through it!! That's teamwork- people we knew people we just met all working together.

3. @skylersnappedthis

Hey, @tough_mudder - this is the best teammate, friend, and man in my life, my father. He pushes me every day and holds me accountable for giving it my all. He realizes there's no way I can pick him up and carries me the whole way during the Warrior Carry. He pushes me over Berlin Walls. He takes the leap of faith with me at Walk the Plank. This picture is of us after I earned my first headband, and this weekend at #ToughMudderFlorida, I earned my third, and he earned his tenth. He is the ultimate teammate, and exemplifies teamwork. He is selfless and a total badass. We'd love to win this #TMInstaContest so we can continue our journey as Mudders together, and continue to make Mudder Nation proud as the father daughter dream team we are. HOORAH!

2. @wannabefitnessjunkie

#TMTeamwork means conquering obstacles you never thought you could, with the whole team by your side. 

1. And the winner is: @riversidemonkey

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Thanks to everyone for submitting photos. Stay tuned to our our Instagram page Friday for this weekend's theme.