Tough Mudder Takes Italy!

By TMHQ | May 8, 2019


We have some epic news: Mudder Nation is hitting Italy for the first time ever this year. Say hello to world-class obstacles in the land of sun, culture, style and also...good pizza!

Tough Mudder has finally reached the land where real ancient legionnaires were born. Check out Tough Mudder Italy on Facebook and Instagram and get psyched to experience a tough challenge in the shadow of the Coliseum. Wanna feel like Russell Crowe in Gladiator? Here's your chance to have the greatest Tough Mudder experience ever. 


Treat your loved ones to a weekend of carb-loading on Italy's finest foods, conquer an epic mud-soaked course, and celebrate in Milan (the fashion capital) or in Rome, the city of romance. Here are the epic details:

Tough Mudder Classic & 5K - Milan: 14 & 15 September 2019

Tough Mudder Takes Italy: Milan

This charming Italian city has a vibe that balances old-world romance and history with urban grit and cosmopolitanism. Plus, it’s surrounded by some of central Europe’s most beautiful countryside. From the architecture to the food, there’s a full list of reasons to visit this unique city: 

1. For the beautiful and diverse architecture
2. For the masterpiece art works
3. To enjoy aperitivo in the city of its origin
4. To stand on the roof of a cathedral
5. Because of its fashion heritage
6. Because of its design heritage
7. Because it's a great base for exploring the rest of northern Italy
8. And, of course, to do a Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder’s first venue location in Italy is just 20 minutes away from this vibrant city, in the beautiful Parco del Ticino.

Tough Mudder Takes Italy: Parco del Ticino

So, why not plan your next Tough Mudder experience in this extraordinary place? 

Tough Mudder Classic & 5K - Rome: 26 & 27 October 2019

Tough Mudder Takes Italy: Rome 

On October 26 and 27, Tough Mudder's second Italy event will take place just few miles away from beautiful Rome. It would take more than one lifetime to see everything the Eternal City has to offer, so if you’re planning to have your next Tough Mudder experience here, we’ve compiled a handy list of seven favorites you absolutely can’t miss during your trip. This would be your best reward, after all your efforts!

1. Ancient Ruins
2. Seat of the Papacy
3. The Sistine Chapel
4. Roman Street Food: supplì, fried cod, sandwich with “porchetta” (roast pork)
5. La Dolce Vita
6. Pizza and original pasta alla carbonara
7. Explore the city on top of a vintage Vespa



Tickets are on sale now - don't wait, because the next price increase is coming soon.

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