We Are Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | November 6, 2015


Mudders -

The TM Half launch has sparked passionate conversations within the Legionnaire community and we want to weigh in.  

Tough Mudder is for anyone. There is no podium. No paid athletes. No cash prize for stepping over the guy next to you to reach the finish. It’s an event for anyone who wants to be part of an incredible community. And while Tough Mudder is for anyone, it is absolutely not for everyone. Some people don’t want to get electrocuted with 10,000 volts, or jump into Arctic Enema on a cold day, or run up hills until they vomit and finish with bloody knees and blue lips. It takes a certain kind of crazy to seek this out, and it’s a shared craziness between everyone at the event -- from the 80 year old walking the course to the 20 year olds completing their third lap of the day -- that makes this community so special.

We are proud that the event is not for everyone. But we’ve never looked down on anyone for not running a Tough Mudder. Instead we support the countless others who want to be part of this community but need a hand. Tough Mudder Half is not about diluting the event you love, or the community, or the brand. It’s not meant for you. It’s for all those people in our lives that we know could run a Tough Mudder if they were in a little better shape, a little more confident, or more prepared to take on the next challenge.

With the shorter course and fewer of the most punishing obstacles, Tough Mudder Half offers more people the opportunity to experience the sense of pride and accomplishment that we’ve shared on course. The unbelievable camaraderie on Everest. The rush of jumping off Walk the Plank. The odd joy of putting your hands on a stranger’s ass in Mud Mile and pushing with all your strength. Most importantly, it’s the start of their journey. As Legionnaires, you understand this idea at its core. After all, the event has always been about the Mudder next to you. Half is an induction for anyone looking to take the first step, and being a Legionnaire is about leading the way.

To be clear, the Orange Headband is only for completing a full Tough Mudder. You earn it. It’s for the crazy few who spend their weekends looking for pain or adventure, or both. That won’t change. And, if anything, Tough Mudder Half gives us the freedom to make Tough Mudder tougher. We can run up longer hills, design more brutal courses and build harder obstacles.

We will never try to be for everyone. We respect this community too much -- without the crazy few there is no brand, no event, no Mudder Legion. But anyone working to join us has our support.

See you in the mud.