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2018 Obstacles Are Coming

USA: $109 TMF / $69 TMH
Canada: $119 TMF / $74 TMH



A new season? You know what that means. Brand-new, best-in-class, balls-to-the-wall, so-badass-they’re-almost-too-epic-to-be-true, 2018 obstacles.

Snag your spot today and take on the industry’s best obstacles with our most flexible, limited-time pricing and earn access to the course whenever, wherever you want.

Seriously. Any 2018 event. Any weekend on the schedule. Check out our 2018 events calendar and take your pick.

Oh, you want more? We’ve got it. First sneak peek of 2018 obstacles coming November 9th. You’ve been warned…

Offer ends 11/10 at 11:59 pm.

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