You have to earn it

Tough Mudder Legion
Bigger. Better. More Badass Than Ever..

Completing a Tough Mudder course is a testament to your boss-level badassery. The challenges crushed. Obstacles overcome. Epicness experienced. Cross that finish line for the first time and you’re automatically inducted into Tough Mudder Legion, a community of unstoppably awesome Mudders who Get Shit Done. As a Legionnaire, you’re forever viewed as a warrior, a leader, someone willing to do whatever it takes to get yourself - and your team - to the finish..

Tough Mudder Legion Benefits

Because you’ve proven your dedication to teamwork and camaraderie, Legionnaires enjoy sweet perks like these:


In 2018, Tough Mudder Half and Tough Mudder Full will finish Tougher Together with the Biggest Obstacle in Tough Mudder AND OCR HISTORY. This brand new teamwork-centric finisher obstacle brings every single Mudder to one shared finish line as one global tribe. And it comes with a special Legionnaire-only zap-tastic lane dubbed Third Rail. Climb your way to the top, then electric-slide your way the finish. Literally.

Third Rail isn't the only new obstacle on course, check out all of the new 2018 creations here.


Legionnaire-exclusive lanes mean one thing -- upgraded challenges, Vault throwbacks and obstacles so tough you won’t even know what hit you. Take on one of 2018’s most rigorous features with Kong Infinity (a new ‘spin’ on last year’s legionnaire favorite) and up the ante with T-Boned, a 2’ horizontal overhang added to Berlin Walls designed to challenge even the most seasoned Legionnaires. All this and more - the biggest, baddest obstacles for the biggest, baddest Mudders.


The Vault has many secrets. The hack of our data facility in the desert unearthed a number of blueprints long hidden away. But not anymore. This season, obstacles uncovered from The Vault will appear at every Tough Mudder event, and at least one of them will include a Legionnaire-only lane with special twists and turns made just for Mudder Legion.


Rack up bragging rights the old fashioned way; by conquering the course and collecting your hero headband. All-new headbands are in for the 2018 season, so that means plenty of opportunity to conquer and collect like it’s the very first time all over again. We’re even breaking out the big guns; a 100x headband, for any Mudder really looking to make their mark.

Badge of Mudder:

That’s right, Mudder. We are tough. We are Legion. And we’re going digital. Badge of Mudder is the only way to unlock true Mudder Glory. Earn, collect, and share all the digital badges you can - no matter where you are on your Mudder journey across our events. See the badges >>


Share photos and breathless shouts of glee about your Tough Mudder experience using #MudderLegion. You might even end up featured on our site, just like these guys..