Try the Tough Mudder 5K obstacle course and shake up your boring 5K run with Tough Mudder’s world-class obstacles. 

Get your friends together and make a Tough Mudder 5K your next team challenge. 



Finisher Medals

With each Tough Mudder 2024 course shaping up to be even more challenging than in years past, we had to bestow each Mudder with an accolade that was equally worthy of accomplishing such a feat. Complete the course and wear this finisher medal with pride. Are you the collector type? We thought so. Take on more mud, earn more unique medals.

Finisher Shirt

Finisher Shirt

The harsh reality of having a favorite shirt is that it’s usually the garment that suffers the most abuse. Whether you’ve dragged it through the mud one too many times or prematurely cut the sleeves off, chances are you miss the luster of when it was crisp and new. Cross the finish line in 2024 to earn your Tough Mudder finisher tee.


Finisher Headband

Each iconic orange headband symbolizes a badge of honor – crowned upon only the toughest of Mudders – for overcoming intense obstacles, exhibiting extreme mental stamina, and demonstrating unrivaled teamwork & camaraderie. Cross the finish line in 2024 to earn yours.

Two people sharing cans of beer as celebratory for finishing Tough Mudder obstacle course

Finisher Drink

Work hard, celebrate harder. Cross the finish line and earn your free finisher beer or seltzer. You deserve it.

Two cars parked outside the venue

Parking & Bag Drop

Prepay your parking and bag drop fees during check out – taking the hassle out of event day logistics.

“It was an absolute blast. Already working on getting my team together for the next one!”


“Awesome challenge, meet awesome people! No other run pushes yourself to the limit like Tough Mudder”

Tough Mudder Legion
One not enough? Do more than one Tough Mudder event to start collecting our exclusive Mudder Legion Headbands. The more Tough Mudder events you do, the more headbands you unlock.
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