Overcoming challenges ain’t pretty.

If you’ve run a Tough Mudder, you know how much Arctic Enema can suck on a cold day. Or how the wires of Electroshock Therapy don’t exactly tickle. But you also know the sense of accomplishment you feel when you get all your teammates up Everest or when you make it across Funky Monkey for the first time. There’s no greater feeling than giving it your all and crossing the finish line together.

Every year, we add new obstacles to our roster to keep you on your toes. In 2014, insane new obstacles like Fire in Your Hole and Pyramid Scheme will test your physical toughness, mental grit and camaraderie. And for the first time ever, you'll get to fly through fire - if you're a Legionnaire.

Click on the pictures below to see some of the crazy sh*t our Course Designers may include at your event.