Tough Mudder Challenge – European Road Trip so far…

And just like that we’ve returned back from Fiji, packed up the car and started our adventure through Europe. With an epic playlist on full blast, snacks galore and the wind in our hair, each stop has seen Mudders crushing their activities. The thought of new Challenge swag and a unique pin badge has seen the miles, elevation and reps totting up.

The Stats

Mudders have been busy tackling the first week of Tough Mudder Challenge – European Road Trip and have already climbed 285,000m, traversed 15,000 miles and logged 1083 workouts. What an awesome effort.

Move Over Van Gogh

There’s some new artists in town. We challenged you to get creative as one of the four compulsory activities this time around and we have been mightily impressed by the results. You’ve triumphed in recreating the Eiffel Tower, with some artistic licence of course, and we can’t wait to see how you get on with The Acropolis and Tower Bridge.

OK, maybe not all of you triumphed…

Flip the Switch

Its no secret that TMHQ loves Mudder pets so it should come as no surprise that we are especially loving your interpretations of the Nikola Tesla activity to include your furry friends. Keep ’em coming Mudders.

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