Tough Mudder X is the most insane race around, created to disrupt the sports industry. This is the ultimate race to determine the fittest, fastest athletes in the world. This pulse-pounding competition pits the world’s elite athletes against a one-mile course built to put speed, agility, and strength to the test with world-class obstacles and challenging workouts. Tough Mudder X will push good to great, better to best, and The Toughest Athletes on the Planet beyond their limits.

You saw it on TV, now is your turn to take on The Toughest Mile on the Planet, with Tough Mudder X Open.

Tough Mudder X Open

Tough Mudder X Open is your chance to test your mettle against The Toughest Mile on the Planet. This open event is for any Mudder tough enough (and crazy enough) to tackle a mixture of epic obstacles, workout zones, and a one-mile course so wild it pushed The Toughest Athletes on the Planet to their limits. Individual male, female, and Team Relay winners will be crowned, and should you top the podium at your event, you’ll earn a spot on course to battle head-to-head against those very same Toughest Athletes on the Planet in the Tough Mudder X Championship.

Think you’ve got what it takes to pass the Ultimate Test of Fitness? Prove it, Mudder.

Tough Mudder X Open Events

Sacramento Miami

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Tough Mudder X World Championship

This season, on June 8th, we’re headed to Virginia with a brand new batch of epic - Tough Mudder X World Championship. Airing exclusively on CBS Sports in Summer 2018, this electrifying race is the culmination of the Tough Mudder X Open season, and The Coolest F*cking Thing You’ve Ever Seen. Tough Mudder X Open is the proving ground - Tough Mudder X World Championship separates the good from the truly elite in every athletic discipline imaginable - OCR, CrossFit, American Ninja Warrior, and many more - and crowns ultimate winners in the men’s and women’s categories, along with a cool $25,000 to both.

Athletes will be selected based on the strength of prior athletic performance at recognized events from across the athletic spectrum. In addition, the top 10 male and female finishers from Tough Mudder X Open events will be invited to compete.

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Nationally Televised on CBS

2018 Cash & Prizing

  • Tough Mudder X Open

    Top Team/



    - $2,500


    - $1,000


    - $500

  • World Championship

    Top Male/Female



    - $25,000


    - $2,500


    - $1,000

    4th and 5th

    - Free WTM Entry

2017 Featured Tough Mudder X Athletes

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