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‘Tis the season of treats and sweets! Have no fear, Mudders, you can indulge, guilt-free, with these yummy holiday cookies. All are made with healthier ingredients than your usual desserts, and some even offer real fuel for athletes in training.


There’s a crisp chill in the air and a carpet of brightly colored leaves on the ground, and for most Mudders, the 2019 season has come to a close. It’s time to celebrate and give thanks for the extraordinary fitness you’ve worked for all year.


‘Tis the season of holiday parties and the indulgences they present—specifically the alcoholic kind. From wine at Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas eggnog to champagne toasts on New Year’s Eve, the holiday season is full of celebratory beverages. But just like too many Chanukah latkes will start to weigh you down, too many drinks during the holidays will affect your fitness and training.


Training for and participating in an obstacle course race can make you feel unstoppable, but the truth is, plenty of participants face personal challenges that make them feel less like The Rock and more like they’d rather be hiding under a rock. If you’ve ever experienced stomach or digestive issues that seem exacerbated during workouts, training sessions, or at actual Tough Mudder events, it might be time to test out the FODMAP diet. 


Halloween is almost here, Mudder Nation! The holidays are about to kick into high gear and Halloween is the first to usher in the season of good eats. But the rush of sugar, carbs, and pumpkin-spiced everything doesn’t have to derail your nutrition plan. As the saying goes, “Everything in moderation—including moderation."


With so many “new” food rules #trending, it’s easy for Mudders-in-training to get overwhelmed by what they should be doing to fuel their bodies. Three of the most popular eating plans, Keto, Paleo, and Whole30®, all have shown promise for people looking for long-term weight loss, but if you’re living an active and healthy lifestyle and just want to eat right, are they right for you? 


You’ve made it through the toughest, hottest months of training and racing—congratulations! But don’t toss your water bottle just yet. The fitness you’ve worked so hard to build goes hand-in-hand with hydration for optimal performance. Follow these tips to run strong into the autumn.


Every Mudder has their own pre-event routine, and fueling up is an important part. Here’s what 10 Tough Mudder Ambassadors eat before they hit the course.

1. “Bananas, peanut butter, aminos, and maaaaaaaybe some caffeine.” —Brian Heffernan

2. “Overnight oats! Greek yogurt mixed with Nutella, almond milk, and the oats, and then I put granola and strawberries on it.” —Michele Fisher


Energy gels are definitely a great way to give your stamina a big kick in the pants when you start to bonk during training or on course. But sometimes, well, you’d just rather not suck down goo. So, what’s a Mudder to do?

Check out these options for a mid-event energy boost that, honestly, are tasty enough to eat (or drink!) anytime you need a little more pep in your step.

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Wir müssen alle essen, und hangry sein macht ja auch keinen Spaß. Aber oft kommt es leider doch dazu, denn wer plant schon akribisch jede Mahlzeit vor und hält dies dann auch ein? Wir glauben sogar daran, dass wenn du diesen Artikel liest, du spätestens in zwei Stunden wieder Hunger haben wirst – oder? Außer du hast dich gerade durch ein riesiges Mittagessen in das berühmt-berüchtigt dämmrige Nachmittagstief katapultiert.