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In 2018 we're going old school, returning to our roots and remembering what got us here in the first place: community.

It sounds simple, but we do better when we work together and that's as true out in the real world, as it is on the obstacle course.

Not sold on the idea? Here are five ways in which Mudder Nation is Tougher Together.


Mark your calendar with the latest 2017 America's Toughest Mudder air dates and re-live all the epic, insane, pulse-pounding action of World’s Toughest Mudder 2016 (including NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage).


Mudders, we hear you.

So we’re giving you more opportunities to #EscapeTheOrdinary in the capital with additional events at London West & London South.

Act fast, the demand is high and the original dates are selling fast. 


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The recent training event held in London at “Mudderchute” saw the UK debut of 3 of the most highly anticipated obstacles of 2017. Augustus Gloop, Funky Monkey - The Revolution and Kong wereall tried and tested by Mudders for the first time in the UK.


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Mudders, die deutsche Tough Mudder Saison 2019 ist hier. Lies Dir hier die 12 häufigsten Fragen durch, die vor einem Tough Mudder Event gestellt werden, und finde gleich dazu die passenden Antworten, damit Du Dich beruhigt auf den Schlamm freuen kannst.

Falls Du spezielle Fragen zum Tough Mudder 5K hast, schaue doch mal in unsere 5K FAQs.


Taking on Tough Mudder requires a whole range of training from boosting your cardio, to strengthening your upper body and increasing flexibility. It might sound like a big job but really it’s an opportunity to mix up your workout routine with every kind of exercise.

We’re taking a look at the five biggest fitness trends coming this year and how they can be incorporated into your Tough Mudder training.

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Just before Christmas we announced our brand new 2019 obstacles, from Tight Squeeze to The Gauntlet we introduced 10 new or updated obstacles and there was something for everyone.

The innovation doesn't stop there though, oh no. Here are the top three things you should know about 2019 obstacles.


1. More Obstacles Than Ever


We listened hard in 2018 Mudder Nation and what we heard was "less running, more obstacles."

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Tough Mudder kann Dein Leben verändern. Hier 5 Gründe, warum Du Dich für ein Tough Mudder Event anmelden solltest.


What’s more epic than conquering obstacles in a field? Crushing them in a stadium.

In 2019 we’re continuing our Tough Mudder Revolution and focus on Innovation by putting Tough Mudder in a stadium for the first time ever. Not just near a stadium, but literally in it, through it and up and down it.  

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Sie ist wieder da - diese ganz besondere Zeit im Jahr, in der Mudder Nation und TMHQ so aufgeregt sind wie nie. Es ist quasi vorgezogenes Weihnachten für uns. Es ist die Zeit der Hindernisenthüllung. 

Wir haben Euch bereits die 10 neuen und weiterentwickelten Hindernisse präsentiert, aber als wäre das nicht genug des Guten, haben natürlich noch ein bisschen mehr auf Lager: