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Meet Your Coach

Train for Tough Mudder. Train for life.

The government calls him Kyle Railton, but you can call him Coach. The mastermind behind the Tough Mudder training program - and a Legionnaire himself - Coach knows the ins and outs of training. Ask him and he'll tell you: Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge that takes people on a journey to realize their true toughness. Here's the story of his journey.



a.k.a. Coach Theodore Mudhoney, a.k.a. Coach T. Mud, a.k.a. Kyle Railton

Growing up on Lake Tahoe, Kyle spent his formative years outside with his father - running, climbing, building, playing. Echoing the words of John F. Kennedy, his father taught him to be an athlete, not a spectator. “We don’t watch sports,” he would say, “we play them.”

This perspective stuck with Kyle, and fitness became a natural part of his lifestyle. But as it happens so often, when hard times came, fitness was one of the first things to fall by the wayside. After losing his father to cancer in 2003, Kyle found himself on a downward trajectory that lasted for years. Most days Kyle found himself not running and climbing, but sitting and drinking. Feeling depressed and adrift, the energy he had once felt seemed a world away.

His journey back to a healthy lifestyle started in 2008, with a snowmobile. Speeding around the mountains of Tahoe, he began to feel that spark of energy and drive again. Next he traded his snowmobile for a dirtbike, and his passion grew. As he began racing, he realized he’d be a lot more successful if he got his body back in shape, which led him to CrossFit. Passion built on passion, and he became not only a CrossFit athlete but a Certified Trainer (Level 1), with additional certifications in Endurance, Olympic Lifting, Strongman, and Kettlebell.

Once again living a fitness-focused lifestyle - and feeling healthier and happier than ever before - signing up for Tough Mudder NorCal 2010 was an easy choice. Since then, Kyle has become a Legionnaire, a Warm-Up MC, and a Tough Mudder Training expert.

Kyle takes his role as Coach seriously, and is driven to help others along their fitness journeys, no matter what their starting point. He’ll tell you what he tells all his clients: His job is to help you find the exercises that will work for you. Then they just need to be done, and thats where you come in. Fight the lazy negative thoughts, don’t take yourself so seriously, laugh with your friends, make fitness fun. Start now.

Tough Mudder Coach